Meet Courtney!

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I am SOOOO glad you found my little corner of the internet! Welcome to Repurposeful Boutique!!

My name is Courtney and I am 30 years old. Remember when you thought “oh my gosh… 30 is so OLD!!!!”… yeah, me too. But 30 so far has been easy and happy 🙂 I am pretty new to blogging but have fallen head-over-heels with cyberland and the abundance of project ideas you can find out there! (Seriously, I don’t even do pinterest, because that stuff is crafting crack. I actually blogged about it HERE.)

I wanted to share a few things with you, so we can become bestest friends. Ready? Ok!

I am (newly) married to the greatest guy ever… Ben ❤ He is hilarious, is my best friend and completes me. (and he’s adorable, to boot!)

face time

We got married in April 2014 in a backyard wedding. It was both of our second marriages so we decided to keep it simple and meaningful. It was great!


We’ve been apartment dwelling for the past year, but recently moved into a house. Still a rental, but with a YARD. and STORAGE. **angels singing** I am sooo happy to have a space to do crafts, places to put all of our totes of random crap, a garage to tinker around in and a yard to watch my dog prance in everyday. So so happy 🙂

Kansas Trip

We live in Atlanta Georgia, but are both originally from Kansas. Atlanta is great and scary and huge and homey! It’s seriously a melting pot. Everyone you meet here is from somewhere else. A city of transplants! I love living in a big city, because if you can’t find something you need, it’s totally YOUR fault. This city is so CRAZY big.

One awesome perk? I feel like I will NEVER see anyone I know when I am out. There are just TOO many people spread out here. I don’t know anyone. WHOO HOO!!! Jeans too tight? Who cares. Oops, there is now mustard on my shirt? Ehh, oh well. Pajamas all day running errands? I don’t have to impress these people! YES!

Kansas Trip

Us with Ben’s Mom and Step-dad! They are hilarious and super supportive!

My family is simply THE BEST. Seriously… I’m sure your family is great too, but mine is the weirdest, funniest, quirkiest people I know. My mom is my best friend- and kind of my cohort on all things crafty. She is my sounding board for advice and can’t wait for us to make her some grandbabies 🙂 Soon, mom. Soon.

Mom and Court

My dad is hilarious. He can quote every movie known to man. My brothers are both AMAZINGLY talented writers. And both are dating awesome ladies! (Sorry for all the wedding pictures – these are the most current ones. You don’t want to see photoshopped 20 year old pictures)


We have a dog, Ella, who is my soul mate in doggy form. If you have the chance, rescue a dog. I don’t know HOW, but rescued dogs KNOW they are rescued. And they make your life happier, healthier and more full. Ella is seriously one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. She was my reason to get out of bed during my divorce and she is a crazy little force of nature that constantly teaches me “don’t wait… jump in with both feet” (or in her case, all 4 feet).


And yes… her toenails ARE painted! Thank you for noticing!

PIllow Sweater Transformation           We also have 2 cats, Wolverine, who secretly adores me. (He’ll NEVER tell…) and Alan, who pretends to adore me and then usually bites me to bring me back to reality. Wolverine is a cute little black and white cat who only has three legs but eats enough for 2 whole cats. Alan is our new little fur-baby, is a little lion, says human words “ALAN” and “HERRO??” whenever he’s hunting bugs, and seriously is the BEST cuddler. But only when he wants to cuddle. Sigh… cats.

Little Box Holder

I love making people laugh, dinosaurs, everything sparkly, dumpster diving, writing music, sitting outside, playing with babies, doing crafts, going on vacations, french fries and God. I love long, flowing hair, but will ALWAYS have short hair- Blondes (and Pixies) definitely have more fun 🙂 I still don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up. But I am beginning to realize that that is okay. No one really does.

photo 2 a

Scarf Sweater Transformation


I would love to get to know YOU, too! Drop me a line sometime and we’ll hang.

By the way, we are now friends. Congrats! My birthday is in August and I expect something cool. 😉 xo- Court

One thought on “Meet Courtney!

  1. Courtney,

    So glad to meet you…I found you via Building a Framework…and yes Atlanta is huge and full of fun stuff to do….some of our fav’s are Braves Baseball, Stone Mountain and Six Flags….So many great places to see in one large place….I look forward to reading more and ….sharing birthdays….I am an August baby too….albeit many years before you!! LOL

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