“My kids don’t like their 4 billion toys” and other Mommy Musings

CourtneyIt’s amazing how much we accumulate… How much excess we have.

I have 2 boys now (it’s been awhile since my last blog post, lol – if you are still around, Heeeeeeeyyyyy!!! I missed you! <3)

2 boys, and 4 billion toys.

I don’t even know how it got like this! I don’t shop very often, and even when we do, we never buy toys new, always second-hand.

Like…. where did all these toys come from?

And I guess the bigger question is… Why do my kids not LIKE these toys?!

4 Billions little horses, books, cars, things like click and clack and make noises and need batteries and have memories and STILL, my boys don’t like them.

Too much stuff.

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to declutter our lives – and boy, did we minimize. We purged literally every aspect of our lives. Our kitchen cupboards, our closets, our bookcases, our email inboxes, our facebook friend lists… Toys, shoes, make-up, tools. We got rid of (not exaggerating) about half of our possessions.

Were there things we regretted getting rid of, absolutely. Did we still have more than we needed? ABSOLUTELY.

I mean, my clothes used to take up 2 closets. Now they take up half of a closet and I still have stuff I don’t wear.

Too much stuff.

We are a society of stuff. We want new things. It’s just in our DNA.

New phones, new houses, new cars, new toys, appliances, shoes, clothes, eyeliner, nail polish…

We can’t help it. We are surrounded by people telling us the new stuff is better than our old stuff.

As Christmas is inching closer, I am starting to get asked what we all want for Christmas – and we don’t *need* anything. Sure, there are things we would like to have, but man, that’s just more stuff.

As I declutter, I always donate everything salvageable, and I think that will be a powerful lesson to myself, at Thanksgiving time, to be thankful. Thankful and grateful that my cup overflows SO much that I am annoyed at how blessed I am (lol).

If you are having the same “excess-woes” issues, I urge you to join me in a pre-holidays purge. You may find your new favorite item of clothing in your own closet, a new favorite toy for your kids at the bottom of their toy basket, be able to donate and help people who need it AND have the ability to cross a few gifts off your list.

Love, Court

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