My Little “Free-Spirit” 

Hi there friends!! There are some big changes in store for this little blog and I wanted you to be the first to hear it!

First off – WE ARE MOVING!!! We will be moving ALL of Repurposeful’s content, pictures, etc over to a new website in the next month! We are really excited at the aspect of having this blog, our personal pages and our photography page all under the same umbrella! Plus, the new blog will allow me to do more exciting designs and better layouts! I am SO EXCITED! Keep an eye out, we will be posting links, giveaways and all sorts of info about the new blog!

We are also going to be changing some things about this blog, including the name! While I love “repurposeful” – we have been soul searching and feel like there is more we want to include on this journey than just repurposing furniture (which is what my initial brainchild was for this). Ben, my husband, will also be doing more features, some videos and helping me a lot more! TEAM THOMAS! We are still brainstorming the name, but our focus will be on DIY, Traveling, Food and our lives!

Since we are moving, I thought I would also highlight someone else who is moving soon! THE BRAVES! If you don’t know much about the Braves, they are Atlanta’s Major League Baseball team and they are currently playing some of their last games at the iconic Turner Field. We were glad to take Indy to his FIRST baseball game at Turner Field and had a great time hanging out with friends!


We also had another little change here – Indy had his FIRST haircut! I did it myself at home and it turned out great! He looks like a little man now, instead of a slightly crazy hobo 🙂 Below are a few pictures I took before the haircut… look at those flyaway curls! ❤ I love them. I hope his hair always curls…


Haircuts, baseball games, blog formatting… lots of fun things happening over here 🙂 What have you guys been up to lately? Comment below and let me know! And be sure to tune in the next few weeks to get updates about the changes with the blog! Love y’all and have a change-worthy, repurposeful day! xo-Court


2 thoughts on “Cha-Cha-Cha-CHANGES!

  1. Great pics, Court! Indy is getting so big! I used to follow the Braves and watch their games all the time, but then, children and no cable television happened. Life just took a different turn for a season. So glad to see you’re all happy and doing well! XOXO

    • Aww, Jinny – I MISS YOU!!! I hear you on being busy AND no cable! Indy is getting to be so much fun! He has a sweet, happy personality and makes me laugh every single day! I can’t wait for you to meet him! 🙂

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