10 Minute Mini Photo Album DIY!

Hi Friends!!!! Sorry for the loooooong moment of silence, but lots has been happening at the Thomas household and blogging had to take a backseat for a bit. BUT I am back in full swing and excited about several projects and changes to Repurposeful happening in the very near future!

Today I have a fun, sweet little tutorial to show you how to make a 10 Minute Mini Photo Album!!!!! How fun, right?! I am not exaggerating when I say 10 minute, either! This project is cheap, easy and super versatile! I first made one a few years ago for my mom, gave it to her and then promptly forgot about it! Ha! Recently I house sat for my parents, found it again, remembered how much fun it was, and knew I wanted to share it on here 🙂

Let’s get started!!!


The main “star” product you will need for this project is a fabulous little find – Badge Holders at Dollar Tree! For just $1.07 (including tax) you can make 1-2 of these little albums! I love Dollar Tree and this is just one of many reasons why.


Items you will need:

  • Badge Holders (mine were from Dollar Tree)
  • Pictures
  • Scissors
  • Scrap Paper
  • Markers/Pen
  • String, Yarn or Thin Rope
  • 10 minutes   🙂


Step 1: Find your pictures!

I decided to make a little “kid-friendly” mini book for my 15 month old son, Indy, using some of my favorite pictures of us. Some of the pictures I really liked just didn’t quite fit, but the nice thing about this project? You can hold your little clear badge over any picture and see if it will work before cutting into it   🙂


Step 2: Make a template!

Grab a few sheets of scrap paper or notecards and cut down a piece of paper to fit in your badge holder!


Step 3: Start cutting out your pictures!

This isn’t an exact science, but I basically held my clear badge over each picture, figuring out what part of the picture I wanted to include, then I plopped down my template and cut around the template!


Here is the picture cut out and inserted in the badge holder. LOVELY 🙂


Step 4: Figure out your order!

Before you start stuffing all of the little badges, figure out what order you want them to be in. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but sometimes it does! I tried to put “like” pictures together.


Step 5: Stuff ’em!

Here are the front sides of my badges – you can see I added just a tiny bit of embellishment on the first page – my son’s name and a little heart. You can add as much fancy stuff as you want; stickers, blank pages to write down memories, milestones or stories. I wanted mine to be strictly a picture book, so I kept my “fancies” down to a minimum 🙂


And here are the back sides of my badges! Almost done!!


Step 6: Bind up your book!

This last step is really easy but a little complicated to explain, so I took lots of pictures  🙂 I tried 3-4 different ways of binding this book up and feel free to do it however you want – but this was the best, most solid binding I figured out! First up, you are going to want to punch out all the plastic in the holes of your badges. Then line them all up, how they will be bound together. Finally, grab some string, twine or yarn to bind. I used 3 pieces of turquoise twine cut about 18 inches long.


To string out your binding – loop your string in the middle and pull both ends through the center opening, leaving the loop at the front -see picture below:


I shoved a sharpie in that front loop so it wouldn’t pull through, and then pull each respective side up through the circle opening as below:


This is what the back will look like:


This is what the front will look like:


Now, the final step! Remove the sharpie and pull the top string through the loop LEFT to RIGHT and pull the bottom string through the loop RIGHT to LEFT. Puuuuuulllllllllll until it forms a nice, little knot!



Hooray! You’re done! I double knotted it and then tied a cute little bow with my remaining string! Trim the ends and you have a perfect little mini album!




I also made another little “demo” book to show a little more “fancied-up” version! You can add buttons to your tie (but please don’t if kids will be playing with it), colorful scrapbook paper and all sorts of things! Also, friendly hint: playing cards fit PERFECTLY in the badge holders if you want a quick album without pictures!


Finally, here is my little goober looking at his book – He loves it and smiles everytime he sees himself or his mommy and daddy! BTW – His first haircut is taking place this weekend! AHHH!!! I will have to share pictures!


Thanks for tuning in, friends! Even though it’s been a bit quiet, check out our Facebook, Pinterest and subscribe to get these posts sent straight to your inbox! Have a mini-tastic, Repurposeful Day! xo- Court

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