Onesie Extender DIY!!

Hey all!! Today I have a really cute, SUPER EASY tutorial that will extend your little one’s wardrobe! All of Indy’s 3 month onesies are getting way too short (especially since we are cloth diapering) and I couldn’t bear to part with all those cute clothes! I swear, he JUST started wearing them! You can buy them new (HERE is a link for extenders on Amazon for like $30 – sheesh!) OR you can make them yourself for free! Check out the steps below!


Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

The first thing you will need to do is find a onesie you are ok parting with 🙂 The onesie below had a big stain on it and it just wasn’t fixable. So I decided to use it for the extender and also keep the top for a shirt! Perfect-o! The best thing about this project is it consists of cutting a few times and sewing 2 straight lines. Seriously. That’s it. In a half-hour, I made 3 extenders! Easy Peasy! Make sure (when you find a onesie you are willing to part with) that the snaps fit some of the onesies you ARE keeping. Not all snaps are the same size and trying a few snaps out will keep you from doing all the work for nothing.

Things you will need:





Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Alright!!! First step is to cut the snaps off of the onesie. I still wanted to keep the top to have as a shirt, so I cut as low as I could. Just hack it off! Done!

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

The next thing you’ll need to do is trim down your snap material. You want the width to be as thin as possible, since that’s the material that will be going between your kiddo’s legs. I cut both of mine to be just slightly longer than the actual snaps. Leave the vertical length as long as possible for now!

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Position your snap material like the picture above. You want the female ends facing one direction and the male ends facing the other direction.

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful    Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Fold the raw edge of the male strip under (like the first picture) and sew it down (second picture). You’ll be sewing through the top and folded layer of the male strip AND the strip of the female material.

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

At this point, I sewed one more line, the one right above the original hem. This attaches the top layer of the male strip to the bottom layer of the female strip.

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Flip it over and this is what it should look like! Almost done!

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Trim your back flap close to your stitching, so you don’t have a ton of excess fabric flapping around! You can also trim any excess threads or fabric that shouldn’t be there.

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Here is the finished product! Yay!

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Here is what it looks like snapped to a Newborn onesie!!

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Here’s the extender in action!! Look at Indy’s chunky lil’ thighs… Swoon!

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful

Seriously, does life get any better than this? I am so crazy in love with my son, I can’t stand it!

So, what do you think? Is this a quick hack that might save you some money and let your little cutie stay in their current wardrobe a bit longer?? Let me know!! And if you give this a try, I would love to see your pictures! Make sure to follow Repurposeful on Facebook HERE and click “follow” to make sure you don’t miss any posts! Have a snappy, repurposeful day!! xo- Court

Onesie Extender DIY- Repurposeful


One thought on “Onesie Extender DIY!!

  1. I got to share this on the Baby Basics Cloth Diaper Co-Op on facebook page. Hopefully you see some more foot traffic. Keep up the awesome work, mama! And squeeze Indy’s cheeks for me!!! 🙂

    PS – I hope he’s sleeping more for you than Alexander is for us. Ugh!

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