Cord Wrapping DIY

I love my pets, I really do. But just like kids, they each have their own individual idiosyncrasies (the nice way of saying “their crazy annoying habits that make me want to scream”). Ella, my pitbull mix, whines when she gets excited. Every time we ride in the car, she whines. Non-stop. It’s like the brakes are suddenly shot. She also has nervous toots, which makes riding in the car with her VERY enjoyable. Wolverine, our cat, has a more destructive habit… he chews. on. cords.

Cord chewing really ticks me off. I love him, but it’s super destructive, not to mention dangerous! I mean, that little fink gets a good tooth into a cord and it’s lights out, pussy cat! He seems to be drawn to Apple cords, probably because they are thin… He has destroyed 2 MacBook computer chargers and more iPhone cords than I can count and this past week I found bite marks in my BRAND NEW computer charger AND my iPad cord. Fink.

Cord Wrapping

I knew I needed to do SOMETHING. My computer was on a desk with no cords dangling and tempting and they still got munched on, so I decided I needed to protect and disguise them. I essentially wrapped yarn around the cord with a series of knots. It automatically does a spiral as you knot and you can do several colors or just one color!

Cord Wrapping

(That tape is not an attempt to fix the bites, it marked my iPad cable)

I also have a fussy almost-3-month-old who wants nothing else but to be held, and this seemed like an easy project to take on 🙂

Cord Wrapping

Cord Wrapping DIY

Materials needed:
– Cord
– Electric Tape
– Yarn, embroidery floss, twine, etc
– Scissors


Before you do anything to the cords, you need to make sure they are safe! I’m no electrician, so if I cord is cut through, I consider it dead. My husband, Ben, is much more electrically saavy than me and can splice together cords… I can not. So these cords had punctures, but were still intact. Every place there was a puncture or crack in the plastic, I covered with electric tape (the black stretchy stuff). You’re going to be putting something flammable up next to the cord – please make sure you’ve covered anything that could be questionable!

Cord Wrapping

The first step is to tie your yard to the end of the cord. I just used regular cheap yarn that I had in storage and tied a double knot at the base of the cord. I pulled a bunch of yarn from my spool (probably 15 feet or more) to make the wrapping more manageable and made a little spool with the excess. If you don’t have enough, you can always add more.

Cord Wrapping

Here is how you do the wrap – pull the yarn over your cord so your yarn and cord make a “4”. As you can see, I wrapped a bit for reference, but this is what you do from that very first knot (step 1).

Cord Wrapping

Pull your yarn through the triangle of the “4” you made.

Cord Wrapping

Pull the yarn up, tightening the knot. Repeat!

Just a few notes – When you first tie on, you can tuck the “tail” of the yarn into your knots, hiding them. Just hold the tail tightly against your cord and it will be covered. When I got to the end of the cord, I just pulled another knot at the end of the cord and cut the yarn close. You could weave your tail into the knots if it bothers you, but I just left it. If you didn’t give yourself enough yarn, just use up your first amount and then tie on a new batch of yarn and enclose the tails in your knots. I had to do that with both of my cords and you can’t see it at all. Thats how you would also switch colors if you wanted to do more than one. Easy peasy!

Here is the finished product:

Cord Wrapping

I love it and so far, Wolverine is totally NOT interested in the cords. I’m still keeping them away from him though, just in case 😉

Cord Wrapping

What  do you guys think? Is this a project you would be game to do? Let me know – and be sure to send me pictures if you take on cord wrapping!! Be sure to follow Repurposeful on Facebook HERE and follow the blog to get our latest posts sent to your e-mail! Until next time, have a wrapped-up, Repurposeful day! xo- Court


This post was not endorsed by any company and I did not receive compensation for anything. The products used were products purchased for personal use.

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