The wonderful, natural birth of Indy

Hi friends – a few of you wanted to hear about Indy’s birth and luckily I took the time to write down the whole thing right after he was born (because honestly, the details are already getting fuzzy with this baby brain I have!!)

Our little man was born June 13, 2015 at 3:37 pm with the assistance of my amazing husband, encouraging mom and my awesome midwife (Anjli). He was a completely natural, water birth in a birthing center and I am still so amazed he is here!Β This isΒ Indy’s birth story taken directly from his journal I kept while I was pregnant with him. I’ve plugged in a few pictures too! Here goes:

“Oh. My. God. I had a baby! Welcome to earth, little man! Here is the story of your sweet little birth told from my point of view!

I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions a week earlier, but they never turned into anything – on Thursday, June 11th, my co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower and Mom and Dad stopped by my work to say hi. We kept joking around “Who knows? Maybe next time we see you, it’ll be baby time!” On Friday night, the 12th, Drew and Jessi (my brother and his fiance) came up to Atlanta to spend the weekend with us.


Some of our Maternity photos – we took them at 36 weeks and you came the next week!

Maternity Maternity

We all went to go get dinner at Red Lobster and I ended up having to get up and walk around outside for a bit during dinner – my stomach was not feeling right. I ended up puking up all my dinner (boo) BUT ate a bunch of Oreos when we got home (yay)! We sat around and watched a movie and I pooped out and went to bed around 11pm.

I woke up around 5 am on the 13th (Saturday) having crazy stomach cramps and diarrhea (sorry, gross, I know). Lovely. I was cramping a lot but figured it was just more Braxton Hicks. I took a shower, got back into bed, played on my phone and waited for everyone else to wake up.

We had a really fun weekend planned… we had bought tickets to see Jurassic World weeks earlier and after the movie at 10 am, we were going to go take engagement pictures for Drew and Jessi, then either go to White Water or Six Flags and finish up by getting snowcones. Fun day, huh?? Nature had other plans πŸ™‚

I started feeling like these MIGHT be early labor contractions before we left the house, so I made Ben grab my “birthing book” which had my birth plan, water birth certification, birthing prompts (which I never used), etc, just in case. We got to the theater and found our seats. I was nauseous – couldn’t eat my breakfast on the way and just felt pretty rotten in the theater. I asked Ben to buy me a pop, hoping the caffeine and bubbles would help… The movie started and I started noticing a pretty regular pattern in my contractions. They were coming frequently and strong – like “grit your teeth” strong.

About 20 minutes into the movie, Ben got up to use the bathroom and I felt like I was going to puke all of a sudden. I got into the the hallway and gagged in the trashcan. I went to the restroom and puked. I knew I couldn’t sit anymore, the contractions were getting too intense. I went back into the theater and just stood in the back… Every time I had a contraction, I would have to squat down and lift my belly and rock back and forth. When one ended, I would keep rocking to rub my lower back on the wall. I was able to make it through a good chunk of the movie doing that, but they were getting strong enough that it was leaving me breathless. So intense.

Ben came to the back of the theater to rub my back and check on me, but I kept saying I was fine (we REALLY wanted to see that movie!) and Jessi came back and gave me my phone so I could time my contractions. They were 2 minutes apart and 45 seconds long – GO TIME!!!

The movie was almost done, but Ben let Drew and Jessi know that I was in labor and needed to leave. Jessi came to the bathroom with me and stayed with me while I tried to puke again and ended up with my head in the sink. An employee walked by and told us to ask for a wheelchair, which was a great idea! We got a wheelchair and got out of there… Now, from this point on, a lot of my memories are foggy. I was in LOT of pain and had my eyes closed through a lot of this.

It took us 5 minutes to find our car and my contractions were so intense, I couldn’t talk. All I could do was sit and be still and breathe. Everyone was stressed and a little panicked – Ben’s hands were shaking so bad and he had the fun job of driving us through Atlanta traffic to my hospital! Jessi called my Midwife on-call, Anjli and she listened to me go through a few contractions. She told us to go ahead and come in to get checked out – I knew this was legit and was happy to get the all clear!

 We all dressed up like Jurassic Park characters for the movie and then Drew and Jessi had to sit at the hospital while I had Indy! Ha!

We all dressed up like Jurassic Park characters for the movie and then Drew and Jessi had to sit at the hospital while I had Indy! Ha!

We left the theater around noon and got to the hospital around 12:30. Drew had called my mom before we left the theater and she and my dad were on their way but were stuck in traffic. Ben and I went into triage and I had to spend 20 minutes laying on my side with monitors on – which suuuuucked. Right before I laid down though, I started gushing blood. I guess this is the bloody show – but my water was still intact.

Right before I had to lay down, in a contraction

Right before I had to lay down, in a contraction

Laying with the monitors wasΒ awful. I felt terrible and really hated that I couldn’t move around. I totally understand the need for it, but it was still awful. I watched the clock and after 20 minutes I was like “OHMYGOD, BEN! Get the nurse! I am not having another contraction on this BED! NOW! PLEEEEASE!!!” Ben got the nurse πŸ™‚

She came in and measured me and I was 7-8 cm dialated! WHAAAAAT?! I had no clue I was “almost there”! I was so relieved to know that this was really it and I had already gone through a lot of labor!

They let me go to my delivery room but I couldn’t get into the birthing pool/tub until my midwife got there. So I spent a good chunk of time just moving around the room, fighting through contractions. I tried every position I could think of – laying down, squatting, pacing – and finally asked if I could get into the shower. (I don’t have many pictures from here on out, because I was like a crazy naked lady, groaning around the room!) I was in so much pain, the only position that “helped” was on my hands and knees in the shower, rocking back and forth. I don’t know how long I was in there— maybe 30 minutes? But Ben was having to fill out all sorts of admission forms, answer questions, give out my birth plan – thank GOD he was there. I couldn’t do anything except breathe.

My midwife, Anjli got to my room around 2 and gave the ok for them to start filling the pool. I got in right away and kept having contractions as it was being filled. Mom got there a few minutes later.

As I kept having contractions, we worked out a rhythm: I would start a contraction and Ben, Mom or Anjli (sometimes all 3!) would push on my lower back. When it ended, Mom would take my washcloth and dunk it in ice water as Ben would offer me a drink or help me reposition and Anjli or a nurse would check me or take the baby’s heartbeat. Being on my knees, leaning forward was the only position I could stand to be in through the contractions.

Around 3 pm, I felt a POP inside of me and a gush of liquid – my water finally broke. A few contractions later, Anjli said she could feel his head and even the pulse through his scalp. She asked if I wanted to feel, but I said no. I couldn’t… I didn’t want to move. Through it all, I couldn’t really talk, didn’t want to move unless I had to. I just brought it all inward. I was in so much pain, I can’t even explain. It’s like it took every fiber of my being to just exist though it. The contractions were still coming every 2 minutes and I went into survival mode. I did the hypnobabies course, which was great for empowering me beforehand, but everything I learned about labor went right out the window when push came to shove (literally!) I could hear everything going on around me, but I kept my eyes shut and didn’t speak unless I had to. Every contraction, all I could do was groan and just breathe.

This may be TMI, but it felt like he was coming out of my butt. That’s where I felt the most pressure. I mentioned it a few times and once I knew that was normal and no, I wasn’t pooping out all of my internal organs, I started pushing.

It felt like I was at the pushing stage for hours, but it was really only 15-20 minutes. I could feel burning and what felt like tearing, but the only option was to keep going.

I knew I wanted a natural, drug-free birth – but I always left a little room in the back of my brain for “if it hurts too much” or “if you can’t do it”. The funny thing though, is that I never even considered having drugs. No one else mentioned it as an option and I didn’t either. We were caught up in this whirlwind together and we just inherently knew we were going to get through it together.

Finally I had a contraction and pushed and Anjli told me that on the next one, we could try to push this baby out!

I hunkered down and knew it was going to be painful, but also knew it was almost over. I pushed as HARD as I could and felt a crazy amount of pressure and then his head came out! She told me to give one more push – but I couldn’t! I didn’t have the urge to push! But I also didn’t want to have a head dangling out of me until my next contraction! So I squeezed Ben’s hand and took a deep breath and yelled and pushed with everything I had left in me. And his whole body came OUT and I was DONE!

The pain was so intense, but then the relief was immediate!

Anjli told me to reach down and take my son and I was shocked! There he was! This little, perfect, purple, tiny baby! I made him. I carried him. I delivered him. And there he was.

Indy Birth

Indy Baby, you came out of the water and immediately into my arms. I couldn’t stop staring at your beautiful little squished up face! You were perfect. Better than I could have ever dreamed. You started crying and kicking right away and I was mesmerized by you. I couldn’t stop staring and crying! Totally healthy, totally perfect.

I leaned back and sat in the pool and Daddy came over behind us and we just stared at you. I was so overcome – you were this little stranger, but still someone I KNEW! You had soft, thin light brown hair all over your head and stormy blue eyes. You kept making kissey faces and snorted when you cried. You started pinking up right away and after about 5-10 minutes your cord stopped pulsing and Daddy cut it.

Once your cord was cut, Daddy held you on his chest for skin-to-skin bonding. He held you and talked to you and your little blue eyes were open and you just sat listening to him. You already knew your daddy’s voice and you were calm and happy to sit with him πŸ™‚ I had to get out and deliver the placenta (something I was scared about, but it was painless and easy) and get a few little stitches. Watching my husband holding our new baby made my heart soar πŸ™‚

Indy Birth

I took 2 ibuprofen because I was starting to get a headache, ate a Kind bar, ate a few ice chips and drank a little Dr. Pepper and just sat and basked in love. You took to nursing right away (it got painful, but that’s another story) and you immediately preferred to be held πŸ™‚

Indy newborn

You were born at 3:37 pm on June 13th, weighed 6 pounds 5.5 ounces and measured 18 3/4 inches long. We stayed at the hospital 24-hours and then got dismissed and took you home!

Indy Birth

Drew, Jessi and my Dad came in right after your birth to meet you and then my mom and dad stayed at our house to watch Ella. They came back on Sunday for more snuggles πŸ™‚

Indy Birth

Cuddles with Grandma Slater – one day old!

Indy Birth

Cuddling with Grandpa!

Indy Birth Indy Birth

We had your name narrowed down to Indy (short for Indianapolis, where Daddy and I fell in love – and Indiana Jones πŸ˜‰ ) and had 3 middle name options: Parker, Carter and Ezra. We waited until Sunday to officially name you Indy Parker πŸ™‚

Daddy and I barely slept at all that first night – we just wanted to hold you and stare at you. All 3 of us laid in my tiny hospital bed and cuddled for hours. We are so in love with you.

Indy Birth

Your Grandma Kitty is getting ready to visit and is going to LOVE you!!!!

Indy Birth

As I write this, you are a little over 1 week old and we already can’t imagine life without you. Your funny faces, your prairie dog YIPs in your sleep, your kissy face, the way your legs are always moving – your daddy and I are so madly in love with you, Indy. You have given my life a new purpose and filled my heart. And I have fallen even more in love with your daddy too, watching him love and care for you.

Indy Birth

You are the best, sweetest little boy and we love you so much. You are so much better than we could have ever imagined and God really did bless us.

Never, ever feel ordinary or unimportant. You have completed our hearts and our lives.

Love you always,

Your Mom.

Indy Parker

(A big, big thanks to my midwife, Anjli – you quietly empowered me and gave me a confidence I didn’t have going in. Thank you for championing the type of birth I wanted and keeping all negativity away from me! Ben – you were a rock star! Thanks for kneeling on the hard floor next to me for 4 hours… I can’t believe we made our new best friend! Mom – thank you for answering a million questions I had along the way, filling in in any way I needed you and always being there for me! Family (Dad, Kitty, Drew, Jessi) thankyouthankyouthankyou for all the million things you did to help us through labor and after! We have the best friends and family! xo- Court)


3 thoughts on “The wonderful, natural birth of Indy

  1. It was my pleasure and honor to be there- what a miracle! Both of you are amazing parents and I am so proud of you!!!!

  2. Courtney, I am so very proud of both you and Ben. God has blessed you wonderfully with a perfect young man named Indy, who is also greatly loved and blessed by God. Welcome to the fantastic world of being a parent. You will be blessed beyond your wildest imagination. This little man who was created in pure love will shape your lives in a perfect life. Enjoy the ride. Am so proud of you! Dad

  3. Such a familiar story in so many ways ;). And these pics are absolutely beautiful and completely priceless, love! What a precious family! God bless each and every one of you, individually and as a whole, as you grow and learn to love one another deeper with every passing day. XOXO

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