California Dreaming

Ben and I JUST celebrated our 1 year anniversary (it’s only been a year?! Seriously?!) and a few months ago we decided to forego traditional gifts and instead take a joint babymoon/anniversary trip somewhere fun and sunny! After all, the first year gift is “paper” – so that totally counts! We tossed around several places we could drive to but ended up heading to the sunny state of California for a few days to hang out with my brother Jeremy and his girlfriend Melissa! Ben had never been to California and the stars aligned with all of our schedules and we were able to spend 3 days together!

They recently bought a house in the Burbank/Glendale area and we were so excited to see their house, their pets and THEM! The allure of Disney, beaches and sunshine didn’t hurt the cause either 🙂

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I am a totally wienie when it comes to time differences. Seriously, it takes me WEEKS to adjust to Daylight Savings Time – and the time difference between GA and CA is a lovely 3 hours. Combine that with the fact that I am super cheap and insisted on getting the CHEAPEST flights possible into Los Angeles, getting us to their home around 5 am Georgia time… ugh. I didn’t sleep a lot on our visit, but it was totally worth it!

I didn’t bring my trusty digital camera, but we did manage to capture a few fun memories that I would love to share with ya’ll!


Melissa, Jeremy, Courtney and Ben in front of a big ‘ole sparkly castle!!! ❤ ❤

Who says 7 month pregnant chicks can’t hang at Disneyland? Bah, I say. I may have waddled a bit more than everyone else, but still had a great day riding a bunch of kid-friendly rides, snacking on good food and hanging out with these crazies!

California Dreaming!

Dat FACE!!! Haha! Ben’s expression of pure joy/excitement/terror makes me laugh every time!

California Dreaming!

No Disney trip would be complete without Melissa with her Chip (or Dale)! 🙂

What a Beach!! 

California Dreaming!


I have no clue WHICH beach we went to… but it was pretty and blue!! Ben and I really wanted to hop in, but the ice cold water helped hold us back 🙂 We hunted around for crabs and sea creatures, looked for cool seashells and Jeremy even managed to step on a bee and get stung. I offered to pee on him (that helps, right?) but he ended up opting for my Benedryl instead. Probably smart…

California Dreaming!

My sexy hubby, Ben!

California Dreaming!

AHOY!!! A beached whale!!!! Ha -just kidding 🙂


I loooooove putting my feet in the sand and looking out at a huge ocean. It just calms my soul

California Dreaming!

Crabs! The ones on the left are *possibly* mating? Or fighting?

California Dreaming!

Crab Spotting!

Back to the Future Tour!!

California Dreaming!

In front of Doc Brown’s House – now a museum!

Maybe you know this about Ben, maybe you don’t – but his MOST FAVORITE MOVIES EVER are the Back to the Future movies – which is funny, since those are also Melissa’s favorite movies! She scoped out all of the local locations they used to film the movies and gave us a VIP tour of the area, including Doc Brown’s house, Marty’s house and the block where Biff, Lorraine and George lived. It was basically like going to Ben’s Graceland 🙂

California Dreaming!

Marty McFly’s house!

We also got to see the sights in LA, drive by touristy places and even snap a picture in front of the Hollywood sign (you basically HAVE to if you are there!)

California Dreaming!We also got to visit for a few hours with a great friend who lives in LA, Amy. She and I worked at Michael’s together in Indiana and have about 5 billion funny stories and memories. Someday I will share some on here… remind me to tell you the “Christmas Cow” story. It’s GOLD. It was great seeing her, grabbing a cup of iced coffee, playing with her little service pup “Twist” and catching up!

California Dreaming!

The view from Amy’s front yard… ummm…. can we move here?!

We had such a fun visit and honestly, could totally see ourselves living in California. The weather was to DIE for and it was so great to see my brother, Melissa and a few friends 🙂 Even if we don’t ever move there, it’s such a great place to visit, we can’t even be jealous! Back to the grindstone…. have an awesome, happy, sunny, funny repurposeful day! xo- Court

California Dreaming!


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