A Day at the Park


IMG_2798Hi Friends!! Is there ANYTHING better than Spring?! I was so over Winter, I couldn’t stand it.


My allergies are in full swing, I’m itchy and sneezy, and I couldn’t be happier… I want to burn all my sweaters and coats and never see them again!


I’ve been trying to use my camera bit more and I really wanted to get outside a few weeks ago and breathe in FRESH Spring air – so the hubby and I went to the park with Ella, our little pit girl, took some pictures, threw some balls and had a goofy time playing around with my camera.


This was a few weeks ago, so I think around the 23 week time period? Starting to feel large and in charge (even though I am MUCH larger right now – I look at these picture and I’m like “aww… that’s a cute little bump… now excuse me while I stretch again because my back is cramping since I can’t sit normally in my chair with this massive, violently kicking babber in my belly!”)


Give a dog a ball and if she’s Ella, she will play with herself for hours. Seriously. You can’t get that ball from her.


She is simultaneously the best and worst dog ever 🙂 Every game becomes a cut throat game of keep-away.



Is there anything CUTER than this dog? She is so happy to just be outside with her humans. I love her so much!



It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s…. something, alright!!  😉

IMG_2835 IMG_2785


Some “action” shots of Ella, chasing her arch nemesis… the ball.


We had such a good afternoon, out in the sunshine. And I loved taking some pictures and getting a better feel for my camera! I can’t wait until our baby comes and we can make this threesome a foursome. Ella’s going to be such a good nanny and we can’t wait to have our little boy here and safe and happy ❤ Thanks for checking in and make sure to like us on Facebook HERE and follow to stay up-to-date with us 🙂 Stay sunny and allergy free, friends and have a repurposeful day!!  xo- Court



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