Baby update and random thoughts from Court!


Did you guys MISS ME?! Ugh, I know, I have been the worst ever. Sorry friends! I wanted to give you guys a quick update on a few things we have been up to in the Repurposeful house!

I was itching to get a few GOOD pictures of my little bump, so I set up my tripod and just snapped a few pictures – I think they turned out great and love that I have some sweet pictures to remember the 16-20 week period! Perfect, nah. But I want a LOT of pictures of this pregnancy and happily will pose for myself for free anytime 🙂

16 week photoshoot 16 week photoshoot 16 week photoshoot 16 week photoshoot 16 week photoshoot

Every week I am writing in a journal to the baby, answering the same questions of how/what I am feeling, eating, drinking, sleeping, wearing and thinking, detailing our progress, what is happening in our lives, what’s happening to the baby’s body AND my body and talking about how excited we are to meet him/her! I figure it’s a good way to keep me focused on the big picture and will be a lot of fun to look through with our kiddo when they are a bit older – heck, maybe even when they are pregnant!


Here’s an excerpt from the journal last week on week 21!

  • Feeling – WHOA! You are a KICKER! Maybe you are going to be soccer player! Every time I eat and every night, kick kick kick!! I am feeling good and focusing on all the happy things that are happening to us! Excited! In love!
  • Eating – Nonstop. I am ALWAYS hungry. I’m so glad I don’t have morning sickness anymore. I literally finished eating a few minutes ago and I feel like I could eat again. Peanut M&M’s, spicy food, biscuits and gravy, chips, Mexican food, I will eat it all. Also trying to eat something green everyday so Daddy doesn’t hate me 🙂 Yum.
  • Drinking – Water water water. I figured out that I can’t have Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee anymore -SAD PANDA. It was my favorite coffee and now it gives me an instant headache. Oh. Well. I started drinking more Keifer and I love that stuff.
  • Sleeping – Pretty good! You are really active at bedtime and I love to feel your kicks and squirms! Daddy lays his head on my tummy and talks to you and you kick and kick! I am still sleeping through the night, thank goodness!
  • Wearing – Whatever fits? I have a few pairs of maternity pants that I wear eeeveryday at work, which is boring. And I love leggings on weekends (or weekdays if I can sneak them in!). I am ready for spring weather, so I can wear skirts and dresses!
  • Thinking – All about baby! Thinking about what you’ll look like, what food you’ll like, what your hobbies will be. What your name will be. If you are a boy or girl – all those sorts of things! We are so excited and love you already!


We are in full swing, trying to accumulate everything we need for our little babber! I will do a post a little later of my baby furniture and my awesome finds that have made the room come together, but in the meantime, here are 2 of my most recent “YAY” baby items – both from my brother Jeremy and his girlfriend Melissa out in Calfornia! Our little whale mobile for the crib and…




… a brand new car seat with 2 bases! I am so PUMPED to get the car seat and bases – talk about something you need to have sooner rather than later! We bought a Baby Trend stroller years ago and knew we wanted to try to find a Baby Trend car seat that we loved – this was PERFECT!



My mom is my hero right now, because she has been finding me baby clothes at all her cheap thrift stores for like $0.50 a piece!!! Every time I see her, she has a arm/bag/BOX full of cuuuuuuuuuuuuute clothes! She actually found a onesie that Ben and I wanted to buy at the Disney store – she paid $0.25… I would have had to pay $25. Seriously?! I love used clothes. She also found a lot of our baby furniture, but I will post pictures and stories a little later 😉

And just for “funsies” here are a few baby items I think are stinking cute…


Uhhh, where have these been my whole life? Wall-E is one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies and these things MOVE AND TALK!!! Way out of my price range, but still cool!


Monster pants. Have you ever seen anything so CUTE?! AHH, my ovaries may burst.


This is me everyday. I am assuming it will be my baby too.

My handsome hubby just started working as a Licensed Realtor in Georgia (anyone looking to buy or sell? Check out his page HERE – he’s amazing and accepting new clients!) and we are enjoying (and are slightly terrified) of this new challenge. He’s doing great though and I couldn’t be more proud of him! He also got to be an extra/stand-in for a TV show last week and we got to send each other lots of “still waiting” pictures 🙂 I love him so much ❤


I got spoiled with a beautiful necklace from Ben for Valentine’s Day/Baby gift – I love it, mainly because every time I look at it, I think of this amazing time in our lives… young, happy, in love and ready to meet our baby.

Thanks for checking in, friends! Make sure you like Repurposeful on Facebook HERE, follow us, check out our projects on Pinterest and if you are itching for some creativity, join us on our “picture a day” challenge by reading more HERE! Love love love and have a repuposeful day! xo- Court


Valentines and Happy Baby Gift ❤


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