No Sew Easy Scarf DIY!

There are a LOT of times I look at a craft online or see a finished project and think “I could so totally do that… I just need to buy this and this and this and this…”

Have you ever been there? Trust me, I don’t mind plunking down a few bucks for a project, but who can say “No” to an easy project made out of supplies they ALREADY HAVE?! Well, check out this cute and easy DIY – It took less than 20 minutes and the only skill you need is to be able to cut in a straight line and tie knots. You guys got this! 🙂


T-shirt (mine was a Men’s Large)




No Sew Easy DIY Scarf



Step 1 – Find a t-shirt that you don’t want anymore. My hubs, Ben, is always getting new t-shirts and wanting to toss out older ones. This t-shirt was in the donate pile for about 1.5 seconds until I snatched it out and shoved it in our room for a project 🙂 I had a friend’s birthday coming up and knew she loved purple – and KNEW I could make something cool out of this soft shirt.


IMG_26352. You are going to detach the upper “arm and neck” section of the t-shirt from the waist of the t-shirt. I folded it in half right under the armpit/nipple line to give myself a fairly straight line. Cut along this line. Don’t worry about making the cut perfect, this is a quick messy craft, so precision is not primary focus 🙂 Make sure you keep the top part of the shirt – we will need it a little later!

IMG_26373. This step is probably the hardest one, and kids, it’s not hard. You are going to eyeball cut strips of fabric out of the t-shirt. First thing I did was cut the bottom seam off – since it’s double thickness, I didn’t want to use it but you always can if you want (it’s off to the left side). Then I literally eyeballed the fabric and started cutting about 1 inch strips of fabric. You can cut out one at a time (like I did with the bottom strip) or you can start them all and work your way across the fabric.

NOTE – I left both side seams intact. You are basically cutting a bunch of thin, large circles. Think like cutting off little slices of carrot or green onion from the bottom to the top.

IMG_26384. Once all your strips are cut, take 1 strip and wrap it loosely around your hand – I did mine 4 times but if you are using a smaller shirt, you may only get 3 wraps. Do this with each of your strips!

IMG_2639Here’s what you should have once you have wrapped all your strands – a field of weird loops!! We’re almost done, people! (Alan the cat supervises all activities…)

IMG_26425. Now we are going to make “ties” to tie our loops together. I tried a few different ideas, but this one seemed the easiest. I grabbed the top part of the shirt and flipped it over to back. Then I roughly cut out a big rectangle from the remaining back. I just cut up the side, along the armhole, then along the back, under the neck hole and then down the other side, along that armhole. A big rough rectangle. I folded it over (see picture) and then cut strips from top to bottom, just like we did with the main shirt. The goal is a bunch of long strips of fabric. (see bottom of picture below).

IMG_26456. OK – grab one long strip of fabric and streeeeeetch it out. Pull it and it will coil up, get thinner and look almost like a rope. Then hack it in half like the picture above!


Alan is watching…. always watching…

IMG_26467. This looks like I made an annoyed face out of materials, but it’s actually your next step 🙂 You’re going to take one of your little strands and use it to tie two of your loops together. There’s not an exact science to it… I just grabbed it and tried to make the knot end up kind of on the inside of one of the loops. I double knotted the tie and tested it to make sure it held strong. You can add a drop of fabric glue to it if you want, but I didn’t.

IMG_26478. Continue to tie all of the pieces together, using your stretched out tie strips! Once you have the tie secure, you can snip the ends of the tie pieces off, if you want. I left mine on, but it’s totally your call! I made mine into an infinity scarf (attaching both ends together to make a large loop) but you can also just leave it a long scarf!

IMG_2670And you are done! Wrap that bad boy around your neck and do the “whooo hoooo!” dance!



IMG_2681I love the color and I hope my friend will like it too 🙂

How about it friends? Is this something you would make? It was totally free and took about 20 minutes – which in my mind is the perfect little craft 🙂 It’s kind of fun and flirty and whimsical – I like wearing things like that. A little different and unexpected!


Please let me know your ideas, comments and suggestions below – and make sure to check out our facebook HERE and pinterest HERE – If you are still wanting to partake in a New Year challenge, I’d love to have you be part of our “picture a day” project! There’s a small group of us that are taking a picture a day and sharing them on our Repurposeful 365 page – check it out HERE!

Have a flirty, fun and repurposeful day, buds!! xo- Court








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