Scarf 3-Ways and Camera Bag featuring CafePress

Today is my last day of CafePress inspired projects! I was contacted a few months ago by CafePress, asking if I would like to turn some of their products into DIY projects – This past week I posted 2 separate projects involving posters from CafePress – This post features a scarf and a bag!

A Scarf – 3 ways!

Scarf Cafe Press - RepurposefulIf you are a long-term reader of this blog, you know I love my scarves! I wear one almost everyday in the Fall/Winter and I love making them out of clothes and fabric. When I saw this scarf on CafePress ( ), I was instantly drawn to it! I love that piece of artwork (Femme a la Marguerite) and I don’t have any scarves in that color range! BUT – I knew I couldn’t just get the scarf and be done, so here are 3 ways I have (or will) use my scarf!

1. A Scarf

Scarf Cafe Press - RepurposefulNo need to reinvent the wheel, guys! The first option is a scarf – I have an orange coat and a green coat and this scarf works with both! Courtney Approved!

Scarf Cafe Press - Repurposeful


2. Table Runner

Scarf Cafe Press - Repurposeful

We are still unpacking and the basement is where everything goes to “get done” – See my Star Nebula poster in the background? Yeah, that’s what this table gets used for 90% of the time. BUT we cleared it off for Christmas dinner and it was nice to use the table for EATING!

Scarf Cafe Press - RepurposefulI would much rather use a table runner than a table cloth any day of the week… you spend all this money on the table and then cover it up! At least with a runner you’ve got some embellishment while still seeing your table!

Scarf Cafe Press - Repurposeful

3. Nursing Cover

Scarf Cafe Press - RepurposefulI know I’m not there YET, but these next 6 months are going to FLY by and I’ve been on the hunt for some must-haves. I want to nurse, but I also don’t want angry old ladies to give me a tongue lashing in public (who needs all that drama??) so I wanted a few nursing covers. I bought one and yeeps, they are expensive. So I thought this lovely scarf could definitely double as a cover if needed.

Scarf Cafe Press - RepurposefulPinch the edges of the scarf – not the corners but about a foot in, and then tie those edges in a knot behind your head. That’s literally it. Since this is such a BIG scarf, there is a lot of fabric to cover your bambino and a good amount of space to see down the cowl part and look at your kiddo. This is purely “in theory” but I plan on trying it when the time comes! I guess you could always tie the other edges around the back and have a super risque shirt too. But that’s a totally different blog post!

Scarf Cafe Press - Repurposeful


Camera Bag!


Camera Bag - RepurposefulI saw this bag on CafePress and fell in LOVE. I have a thing for Messenger Bags (ever since my Middle School Hanson-loving days) and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I feel like I am cheating by posting this, because I didn’t actually do a DIY on this one. But I LOVE it and love what I use it for! Here is a link to CafePress’s bags :

Camera Bag - Repurposeful

I use my Messenger Bag for storing my camera, lenses and flash equipment! Even though it has a camera ON the bag, I feel like it still doesn’t advertise that there is a camera in there – and hopefully that will prevent someone from stealing it if I leave it in my car for a bit. I contemplated padding the inside of the bag, but in the end, I just use it to store my original padded camera bag and my flash equipment so I would have the flexibility of changing it out.

Camera Bag - RepurposefulThis little bag actually holds a lot! It has pockets on the inside and outside, is sturdy, durable and lightweight. The strap is thick and I love all the little frays on it that make it look worn and loved. Someday I may color in parts of the diagram or stitch something on it, but for now, I love the design and don’t want to change anything!

Camera Bag - RepurposefulSpeaking of flash equipment – this is my newest toy, which I am still learning how to use. It’s a Neewer LED Light Ring that you can use to control the light in an area, get a cool halo around your pictures and also get a fun ring in your eyes – like the picture below! I store it in my little padded orange case which fits perfectly in my bag!

Scarf Cafe Press - Repurposeful


I had a blast working with CafePress – they were professional, understanding and creative. I’m so glad they contacted me and I’m so glad to have the chance to work with their products! If YOU liked this projects, check out their website at and give them some love!

I’m off to work on some hand-stitching projects, taking pictures everyday for my New Year’s Project (there’s still time to join!) and preparing my mind, body and home for Baby! I hope you enjoyed this short series and I hope you have a happy, repurposeful day! xo- court

A HUGE thank you to CafePress for sponsoring this post! I had a great experience working with them and loved their products! All ideas and opinions are my own 🙂






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