Vintage TV DIY featuring CafePress

CafePress contacted me a few months ago and asked if I would like to turn a few of their products into DIY projects and today I am posting my SECOND DIY! It’s super easy, fun, unique and I LOVE it!! Check it out!!

Vintage TV DIY

TV Poster - Repurposeful

My husband and I go “slumming” sometimes and find the coolest things in the trash! This TV cover was one find that has sat in our garage for about 6 months. When we found it, it was diiiiiiiiirty, but it was a perfect frame that had popped off an old TV – and I couldn’t pass it up!

TV Poster - RepurposefulSee?? Holy Cow… look at that dirt. Ugh. I grabbed some cleaning products and went to town!

TV Poster - RepurposefulAnd then the cool little frame just sat in my garage for months!!! I couldn’t decide what I wanted to put in the frame… a vintage TV show poster? Some original art? I had no clue. UNTIL CafePress contacted me and I spent some time on their website! I found this poster and immediately knew that that was what I needed!

TV Poster - RepurposefulLook at those COLORS!! You can find the same poster on cafe press here: . I was in love, instantly. I knew this was what I wanted to put in the frame!! CafePress is ridiculously easy to use – just choose what size of print you want and if you want a poster, framed print, etc.

TV Poster - Repurposeful

Here it is!! It’s such a great quality of paper and so glossy!!! I love it! I grabbed my TV frame and spent some time figuring out which color blocks I wanted to frame, since my poster was bigger than my frame. Once I decided, I lightly traced the outside of the frame on the print and cut it a little larger than the frame (just to be safe. I trimmed off any excess once I was sure the positioning was correct). Then I attached the poster to a foam core board I had on hand with double sided tape. It already had writing on in, but the paper is so thick, you can’t tell. REPURPOSING!

TV Poster - Repurposeful

The most difficult part of this project was trying to figure out how to attach the frame to the foam core. Since the TV frame isn’t actually a frame, there was no way to hook them together… I tried several different things but ended up doing something a little odd that totally worked.

I put the top (frame) and bottom (poster board) together and secured them together using silver Duct Tape. You can’t see it at all from the front, but since the frame is already a dull metallic, it blends together really well and when you see if from the side, it gives it even more of a retro funky vibe! Plus, it is SECURE. Super easy!

TV Poster - Repurposeful

And we are DONE! Cute, huh??? I think I am going to hang it in Ben’s office or somewhere that we have a bunch of his superhero toys and comic stuff – it’s bright and happy and will add to any space! 🙂

TV Poster - Repurposeful

Thanks for checking in! Be sure to check out my other CafePress inspired projects, visit us on Facebook HERE and Pinterest HERE! And if you still haven’t decided on a New Year’s Resolution, I’d love more company on mine! Doing a picture-a-day for 2015! Have a vintage, flashy, repurposeful day! x0- court

TV Poster - Repurposeful


A HUGE thank you to CafePress for sponsoring this post! I had a great experience working with them and loved their products! All ideas and opinions are my own 🙂






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