Star Nebula Poster DIY featuring CafePress

A little over a month ago, CafePress contacted me, asking if I would like to turn a few of their items into fun and easy DIY projects! I was thrilled because I already knew about CafePress and LOVE their products! Make sure you check ’em out! There are thousands of pre-designed items to choose from AND you can make your own products by uploading images onto shirts, bags, coasters, posters… seriously, the sky is the limit.

I spent DAYS looking over their website and jotting down different DIY ideas – some of them were a little wild, but I was able to narrow it down to 4 items. I was so excited when everything came in and THEN- MORNING SICKNESS. I have never been so sick in my entire life. It took me a little longer than I wanted to get these projects done, but they are finally done! Below is my first project and tune in the rest of this week to see the following projects!

Star Nebula Canvas

Star Poster - RepurposefulI am slightly obsessed with stars and outer space. I still remember back in 8th grade I got 5th place in a NASA competition by drawing a gas nebula of stars – and my love affair has not diminished. When I saw this listing on CafePress, I knew that I would love to try to attach this to a canvas and give it a “hand painted” feel.

Star Poster - RepurposefulHere is the poster listed on CafePress ( )- I chose the size I wanted and ordered it! Since I was going to attach it to a canvas myself, I just ordered a poster – HOWEVER, they DO sell them already mounted to a canvas, if you want to bypass the DIY. But where is the fun in THAT? 🙂

Star Poster - RepurposefulHere is my beautiful BIG poster! EEEEEE!!! It’s wonderful, glossy, high-quality paper and I was sooooo excited when it came in!!! YAY!!

Star Poster - RepurposefulI had a few canvas’s that I could have repurposed, but they weren’t as big as I needed. I wanted to get the whole “eye” on the canvas – I so hopped over to Hobby Lobby and grabbed an 18″x 24″ canvas. I also used a regular old paint brush, scissors, black acrylic paint (not pictured) and my homemade Modge Podge. For the recipe on how to make Modge Podge, check out my earlier post here or just mix together 1 part water with 1 part Elmers glue!

Center your poster over your canvas and figure out what area you want to highlight (if not the whole thing). I wanted the focus on the “eye” of the nebula – so I centered that on my poster. Put a nice thick layer of Modge Podge on the canvas (I did 1/2 of the canvas at a time, since mine was so big) let it start drying about 5 minutes and then place your poster on top of the canvas. Since this is such thick paper, if you don’t get it perfectly centered, you can pull it up and try again. The glue stays tacky for awhile and this paper was really forgiving. Then I folded the unattached part of the poster back and put adhesive on the other half of the canvas, let it tacky up a bit and then secured the rest of the poster down.

Star Poster - RepurposefulOnce the poster and canvas are attached, you have 2 options. If you want your picture to look like a photograph on the wall, you are done! It’s nice and glossy and looks great if you stop here. I wanted MINE to look almost like a painting though, so I “painted” the entire canvas/poster with a layer of Modge Podge. Once that was dry, I “painted” heavy brushstrokes of Modge Podge all over the poster, to give the effects of paint. Since this dries clear, it just gives texture.

Star Poster - RepurposefulI did this step twice, adding brushstrokes for texture – Here is what it looks like midway!

Star Poster - RepurposefulAnd this is what it looks like when it is dry! Once it was totally dry, I painted the edges of my canvas black with acrylic paint and was done!

Star Poster - RepurposefulI love the slight difference that texture makes to the poster – when you look at it closely, it really DOES look like a painting!

Star Poster - RepurposefulI am going to hang it in my craft room, right over my blue chaise lounge – I love it! Simple, quick and cheap DIY – and something very unique!

Make sure you check out CafePress ( for some awesome finds and tune in later this week for more CafePress-inspired projects, check out our Facebook HERE and Pinterest projects HERE – and if you still don’t have a New Year’s resolution, please join me on mine! Taking a picture-a-day for 2015 – click HERE for more information 🙂 Have a starry, repurposeful day! xo – Court

A HUGE thank you to CafePress for sponsoring this post! I had a great experience working with them and loved their products! All ideas and opinions are my own 🙂





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