My New Year’s Challenge – A Picture a Day

Hi there my happy friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I love New Years – it’s one of the few times during the year that I sit and really think about what I have done the past year, what I wanted to do and how I can synch those two things for the next year – For me, it’s all about Forgiveness and Redemption… A chance to forgive myself for dropping the ball or forgetting where my priorities should have been and a chance to do better, to do more good. I love it!!

I try not to make a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions. I used to make about 30 and never get any of them done. Lose weight, find the perfect job, get famous, blah blah blah… Now, they are more like my ideal plans for the next year… Last year, my resolutions were to get married and start my own business. I did one (got married 🙂 ) and worked really hard trying to establish my blog and feel out what sort of business I would be interested in… an online store, different blogging, a real store.

This year, my resolutions are:

1. Have a baby and start our family.

2. Stay healthy.

3. Be my own boss.

4. Take a picture a day and appreciate the beauty around me.

This blog post is an invitation to YOU, my happy little readers, to take part in #4 – to take a picture everyday for a year! I decided to call it my 365 project (original and totally unique, I know) and I spent several days trying to figure out how I could include my readers and friends in this project and also not clutter up my blog with 365 random pictures.

December 31, 2014

December 31st, goodbye 2014!!

I decided to start up a Flickr group that anyone is welcome to join and be a part of. It’s called “Repurposeful 365” and is totally free to join and contribute. Flickr is fast, easy and mobile-friendly. If you would like to go down this “project path” with me, just click on the link below or search for “Repurposeful 365” on Flickr, create a Flickr account (totally free) and start uploading a picture a day, a picture a week, or a picture whenever!

Right now, here is what it looks like!

FlickrMy goal through this project is to:

– Become a better photographer and learn my digital camera better (and camera phone!)
– See the beauty in my everyday life (even if it’s unglamorous at times)
– Be able to see and look back at the subtle changes in my life that often get overlooked
– Be able to share my day-to-day life with you guys and in return see whatever you would like to share!

I am very excited!! So far there is only 1 member (ME!) and 2 pictures, but even if I am the ONLY person who does it, it will be worth it to me 🙂 If a good number of people jump on board, I will share some ideas or post some template plans for taking a picture every month if you are having a hard time thinking of things to photograph – There are lots of great websites that have good information (like this one:


January 1, 2015 – Happy New Year’s Coffee!

Two final thoughts…

– You do NOT have to have a fancy camera to do this. A camera phone, point and click camera or DSLR will get the job done! Don’t let the lack of some fancy equipment keep you from taking part – any pictures, no matter the quality are welcome! Please just keep your images free from banned subjects (flickr will lock our account if you post pictures of illegal activity, nudity, etc.)

– Challenge yourself to think outside the box… anyone can take 365 selfie shots. I know. I have a good number of facebook friends who daily prove that to me. The challenge in this (that I LOVE) is to appreciate beautiful details you may have never even noticed. The way the light hits your kitchen, the view from your window, your daily routine, your shoes in the snow, a sunset, a cloudy mist, your freckles, what the inside of your car looks like, the way your hands fit together, the way your pets or kids sleep, your favorite sweater. It’s all, quite literally, a snapshot of your life. I think it’s beautiful.

Happy New Year, friends! I hope your year is filled with wonderful things and happy moments. Be sure to like us on Facebook HERE, follow us on Pinterest HERE and as always, have a beautiful, repurposeful day! xo- Court


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