Whooooooa Baby!!

Hey friends!!! Big news in our neck of the woods! We are officially expecting our first BABY in about 6 months!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

IMG_2314 copy

We are SOOOO EXCITED! But I have been SOOOO SICK. Non-stop morning sickness these past 3 months. Exhaustion like WHOA.

Which is also the reason I have been a little MIA lately. I really waaaaant to do crafts, to cook, to blog, to create… but by the time I get done with my full-time job at night, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and not move for about 16 hours.

I’m sorry 😦 This blog is so important to me and so are you readers. I just have to believe that I will start feeling better pretty soon! I’m finally at 2nd trimester and can’t wait to enter the “beautiful and glowing” stage, instead of sitting in the “achy, hungover nausea, exhausted and hormonal” stage. That’s been me the past few months. Ugh.

We went in for our first dr’s appointment last week and had the scare of our lives when the midwife couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat. It was like all of our worst fears were coming true… had it all been my imagination?? Did the baby die? What happened? After about 20 minutes of trying with the fetal doppler, she told us we needed to do an emergency ultrasound, just to make sure.

I have really strong beliefs on what I will and will not allow for me and my baby… already. I only wanted ONE Ultrasound, the one the doctor recommended at 20 something weeks. That was it. I do NOT want unnecessary rays entering my body and my baby needlessly.

All that being said, it was RIDICULOUS how quickly I wanted to get this extra ultrasound. I NEEDED to know that the baby was alright. That was the most important thing in Courtney-land and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Sitting in the waiting room until it was our turn to get our ultrasound, Ben and I tried to stay positive, but I couldn’t help but start mourning the loss of this little being that had already captured my heart. As I am typing this, I am tearing up… I can’t even explain it. For those of you strong moms and dads out there who have dealt with the loss of a child, my heart breaks for you. You have a strength that most people cannot begin to understand.

Luckily, our little nugget was OK – it was just sleeping and “hiding” from the fetal doppler. As soon as the ultrasound tech put her little wand on my stomach, we saw a beautiful little baby. It wasn’t moving and I just needed to know “Does it have a heartbeat?!?!” She zoomed in and there was little black circle, turning black/white/black/white. RELIEF…. I couldn’t help myself, I started crying. It was laying on it’s back with it’s feet up, like it was lounging, just chillin’. And then all of a sudden, it was moving like craaaazy!! Legs up and down, crossing and uncrossing, arms up, grabbing the umbilical cord, almost doing a little back-somersault… We were SO happy ❤ So happy and so blessed.


I will try to keep everyone in the loop regarding this little stinker – but right now, rest and relaxation are on the menu. And getting to see our family in a few days for Christmas 🙂 I WILL be posting some fun DIY’s I have been working on in my “awake” moments that I can’t WAIT to share! Stay tuned!

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful, cheery, happy Christmas and holiday season, surrounded by loved ones, good food and great memories. And as always, have a repurposeful day! xo- Court



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