Turn a Dress into an awesome Scarf!


I love scarves. It’s true. Just like a good statement necklace, a scarf can enhance any sort of outfit! Dress it up, down, add a quirky edge! Scarves are one of my favorite accessories. PLUS, I am a big weenie when it comes to winter, so scarves are great for practical purposes too!

I found this dress at a thrift store that was going out of business, so it was under $1. I don’t fit in A-Line dresses (hips, people… ) and this was definitely not my style, but I was SO drawn to the color, I knew I had to get it. It has sat in my box labeled “Clothes to do something with” for a few months and decided to make it into an easy scarf. This is the perfect shape – It doesn’t have any gathers or pleats. It’s basically just a pillowcase with a neck hole.


This is, in my opinion, the PERFECT project! You are repurposing something that was overlooked and considered “trash” and turning it into something funtional, fun, unique and totally customized! That’s really the essence of Repurposeful!! ❤

So, with just a few nips, rips and hems you can totally transform a thrift store dress into an great scarf! Check it out!

How to make your own Dress turned Scarf: 

1. Cut the sleeves off the dress. I just took a pair of scissors and cut along the seam. I could have seam-ripped it, but cutting it off still left a clean seam and was quicker.


2.  Turn your dress inside out (fronts facing each other) and draw a mental line across the neckline from one side to the other. You are wanting a line parallel to the bottom of the dress. Pin a straight line across the dress on the line you just mentally drew.


3. Sew the neck hole area shut. Now your dress will REALLY resemble a pillowcase, with 3 sides sewn shut.

4. Seam rip both sides of your dress completely. I had a random pocket on the side. No worries. I ripped that out too. Bye!

5. Your “dress” should look like a scarf now, just one long piece of fabric. If the seam ripped edges look rough, you can hem them up quickly (I did because it looked ROUGH). Otherwise, just nip away any scraggling threads and you are DONE!


IMG_2175This is my new favorite scarf. I have worn it about 3 days in a row. Seriously. I love the bright blue color and love that even though it’s bright, it’s still sort of a neutral! I have layered with a bunch of different colored shirts and jackets and it all works!!


What do you guys think? Pretty easy, huh? Not a lot of sewing and you can do it all by hand if needed! Is this a project you would take on? Leave a comment and let me know! While you are at it, make sure to follow us on Facebook, check us out on Pinterest and follow us via e-mail to get updates from Repurposeful! Have a snuggly warm, repurposeful day!! xo- Court

photo (1) copy


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