Star Necklace – Perks of Being a Wallflower DIY


Ever see a piece of jewelry or clothing online and think “OMGIHAVETOHAVETHAT!” I don’t do it super frequently, but a few weeks ago the hubs and I were catching up on movies we didn’t want to pay to see in the theater (you know…. married people dates 🙂 ) and I saw a necklace that I was smitten with.

The necklace was worn by Emma Watson in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and I just stared at it the whole movie thinking “I can totally make that.” And so I totally did.

For reference, here is the necklace – you can find tons of images by googling, which is what I did – or watch the movie! It was pretty good! Date Night!


Little, sweet and delicate, yes? I loved it – So here’s the tutorial so you can make your own!!


  • Shrinky dink paper
  • scissors
  • an oven/toaster oven
  • marker
  • nail polish
  • supplies to make a necklace – jump rings, chain and clasp


Do you remember Shrinky Dinks??? They were like every 80’s kids favorite way to make magnets, Christmas Ornaments and all sorts of kitsch. For those of you who have never used it, Shrinky Dinks is basically a piece of plastic that you can paint, color, cut into shapes and then bake it – and it shrinks! It also gets thick and stiff, making it perfect for jewelry making!  The instructions in the package are great – they give you a sizing key so you know the size you are dealing with once you’ve shrunk them and all that jazz! I bought this packet of 10 sheets a few years ago – and still have a TON of sheets left. A little goes a long way. They are pretty cheap too. I think the package that I bought cost $10 at Michaels and I used a 40% off coupon.


I basically took a few shapes that I wanted – a heart that I copied from a card (in the background) and a star shape I drew out – and drew them directly on the Shrinky Dink.


And of course, no project in my home is complete without one of my animals trying to screw it up. Today, Alan is the culprit. Why should I chew this stuff? WHY NOT??!!?! Jerk.



Before I baked them, I took scissors and an exacto knife and made little holes in the corners of the stars and one on each heart. It’s a LOT easier to make the holes BEFORE you bake them, before they get thick.


AFTER baking

Look at those cute little hearts and stars!! CUUUUUUTE! Now…. that being said….

IMG_2036OK – I try to be VERY transparent with ya’ll – and I screwed up the first batch. After I baked the little bad boys, I realized that I didn’t make the holes BIG enough and ended up breaking almost EVERY piece, trying to make the holes bigger. Wowza. I share because I care. Make the holes a little bigger than you think you’ll need. Trust me on this one.

IMG_2038ALRIGHT!!! We are back on track. The nice thing is if you screw up, it’s very quick and easy to make another batch. They only take a few minutes to bake and cool down. These stars ended up perfect. WOOT!

I didn’t get pictures of each of the next steps, but I will write them out for ya!

I decided to make my star silver, since I had silver chain, etc. So I painted both sides of the star with silver nail polish. Once both sides were dry, I painted silver sparkle nail polish on one side – that way I can choose if I want sparkles or just regular silver.

Once it was completely painted and dry, I attached jump rings to each hole and attached a 5-6 inch stretch of chain to each jump ring. And then a clasp was attached to the back. Here is the final result!!






How about it? Is this a project you’d be willing to try? Start to finish, you could get this craft done in less than an hour! Fun, easy and cheap! Be sure to comment, check us out of Facebook, Pinterest and follow us to get updates on every craft project! Tune in on Thursday for another fun repurpose! Have a sparkly, repurposeful day! xo- Court





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