Casino party decorations

This past week, my work hosted a Casino themed party for associates and I was asked to help out with some budget friendly decorations! Here are a few of the easy projects I pulled off for a total of less than $20.

Please excuse the picture quality… I snapped a few pictures on my iPhone right before the party started – I figure SOME pictures are better than none šŸ™‚

#1. Stacked Dice Boxes


How to make:

– Grab 3 boxes that are as close to being “cubes” as possible… IĀ wanted to have them be graduated in size, and they are a little, but the bottom and middle box are awfully close to the same size. Oh well.

– Close up your boxes with tape and paint the entire thing with white paint. I tried spray paint for like 2 seconds – it didn’t work. Choose a white paint that is a primer too and you’re golden. I only had to hand-paint 1 coat of white and then come back and touch up any gnarly spots.

– Once your white paint is dry, grab a few item with circle shaped bases. I used a small can of paint for the large box, a large cup for the middle one and a can of spray paint for the little box and traced the outline of the circles on the boxes with sharpie.

– Grab a paint brush (or a MEGA sharpie) and fill in the circles with black paint. It can be fancy paint or a little $.69 bottle of acrylic craft paint. I used cheap paint and it worked great. Let dry. Stack and enjoy!



2. Centerpieces


Cards centerpiece -I wanted to incorporate a lot of playing cards around, but I didn’t want to just scatter individual cards around. So I decided to make “hands” of poker cards laying around. I punched a hole in a deck of cards and grabbed a handful of little gold fasteners (they are the ones with 2 “legs” on the back that you separate so it hold the papers together), grouped some cards together and plopped them on the table. Once of my co-workers also had some foil filler and scattered it around as well.


Balloon weight dice – I found these little boxes a few years ago at Michaels and have used them for tons of different storage and decorations. This time, I slapped some white paint on them and then used little black circle labels to make the dots on the “dice” – they are basically black garage sale stickers. Score! When I realized I had a few extra balloons, I tied each balloon to it’s own dice and didn’t even need to fill the box with anything… the weight of the box kept the balloon in place on the table. Easy peasy!

3. Card Banners


I used another deck of cards to make 2 banners to hang around the area – one along a bench and one on our registration table. I’ll give you the step-by-step, but you’re smart cookies and could probably do this with your eyes shut!

Just punch a hole in your deck of cards, a few at a time, with a hole punch. Once they are all punched, line the card holes up as best you can and then jimmy an end of ribbon through. When we started decorating, we stretched the ribbon from one end of the bench to the other, cut it, hung it up (we used tape, but I wish we would have had push pins) and then spaced out the cards.

IMG_6807We did the same thing for the registration table – Hole punch, string the cards, cut the ribbon to fit, secure ribbon and space out cards! Done!

The party was successful and the decorations were just enough to set a bit of the theme, without throwing away hundreds on renting decorations. When I asked the owner of the location if he could throw away my stacked dice boxes, he actually asked if he could keep them. Yes sir. Yes, you can. Enjoy.

On a completely unrelated note, I just voted today – I love early voting! Beat the lines and avoid your excuses! Get out there and exercise your rights, people! šŸ™‚

Have a safe and happy Halloween filled with lots of treats and time with family & friends. Check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, subscribe and tune in soon! Have a dicey, repurposeful day! xo – Court






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