Magical Light!

I was feeling a bit like a slacker, since I haven’t posted a ton on my blog the past week or so, but I have been busy making some fun projects, burning my fingers off in stove accidents, learning to take better pictures and making some decorations for a party. So I thought I would give you a tiny sampling of the last week!

The past few weekends have been GORGEOUS here in Georgia! Sunny, warm and happy. I love it. So I went outside and took some pictures as the sun was setting behind my trees in the backyard. I’m not a big “selfie” person, but I love how they turned out… Check ’em out!

IMG_1989 a




IMG_1988 bw


Not to be left out, Ella wanted her turn as well 🙂



None of the pictures have been edited, except to transfer a few B&W and remove a stubborn blemish or two… Face it, that’s why we love photoshop!

Aren’t those sunrays happy? They make me feel all warm inside… ❤

Hope you also had a sunny, magical weekend and a repurposeful day! xo- Court


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