DIY Mug Snuggie : Sweater Transformation #3

Today is my LAST and FAVORITE Sweater Transformation! If you have been following along the past few days, you know the drill – but if you are just now tuning in I will give you a fast recap! I salvaged a cute but much-too-small sweater and decided to turn it into several projects!

We are now on our final Transformation – #3!! Introducing the Mug Snuggie!


Mug Sweater

AHHHH!!! They are so CUTE!!!!


My husband Ben calls them Smuggies. Which I guess is Snuggie + Mug= 100% Cute.

I’ll give you a step-by-step of my Smuggie process so you can make your own!

Mug SweaterStart off with the sleeves of your sweater. Mine had buttons which was awesome, but don’t worry if yours doesn’t. You can always add some later if you really want them. Make sure that your material has a good amount of stretch and can fit somewhat snugly around the widest part of your mug!

Mug SweaterI grabbed 2 mugs that I thought were pretty standard. The Annie mug is a typical coffee cup size and the white one is part of a set that we use a lot at home. So those were the 2 that I used to measure!

Mug SweaterPS – for those of you who don’t personally know me, I was a music and theater major in college and had the lead my senior year in the Homecoming Musical – “Annie Get Your Gun”. This was one of the break-a-legs from my parents and whenever I use the cup, I always hand wash it so I can keep this sweet message 🙂 Good times!

Mug SweaterUse your cups to roughly measure the size of your smuggie. You want it to be long enough that it covers most of the cup, but leave room for your mouth when you drink out of it. No one wants a mouth full of fabric when they are drinking their morning joe!

Mug SweaterSince I was doing 2 smuggies, I did the same “rough estimation” and cut another section for my big white cup as well!

Mug SweaterTurn you smuggie inside out and locate a seam. If your stretch of fabric was made cyclicly and doesn’t have a seam, just designate a “front” and a “back” – we are working with the seam/back. Take pins and mark the location of the very top and very bottom of the handle. Since this is the inside, you can also mark it with a sharpie or fabric pen if that is easier.

Mug Sweater Cut out the portion you have marked off. My fabric was so wonderful… after I cut it out, the fabric didn’t unravel or get wonky at all. If your fabric DOES seem to unravel, there are 2 things you can easily do – cover the edges in clear nail polish or glue or turn the edges over and hem the raw edges.

Mug SweaterThe final step is to secure the seam material that is still intact. I don’t know how “vital” this is, but I wanted my smuggies to be secure and since you will be stretching them to get them on and to get them off every time you use them, I would suggest this step. Simply grab some needle and thread and whipstitch the seam at the edge of the opening. Just a few stitches and knots should do the trick!

Mug SweaterAnd you’re DONE!! YAY! How cuuuuute!

Mug SweaterIf you don’t like the raw edges around the handle, you could always opt for a little more complicated design and add buttons or velcro to close the gap. But you know what? I kind of WANT something that looks homemade! They are bright and happy and fun!

Mug SweaterAnd if you are feeling ESPECIALLY awesome, you can drink out of your smuggie while wearing your sweater scarf!! Brilliant!!! MWAHAHAHA!

That’s it, friends! 3 projects in 3 days – all from 1 sweater!

What was your favorite project? Vote below!!!

I hope you feel a little inspiration when you look into your closet… if you are anything like me, there are loads of clothes you don’t wear that might have some crafty potential!!

To check out the sweater BEFORE any transformations, click on the sweater image below!

IMG_1242To see Transformation #1, a DIY Scarf, click on the scarf image below!

Scarf Sweater TransformationTo see Transformation #2, a DIY Pillow, click on the pillow image below:

PIllow Sweater Transformation

Make sure to leave a comment below, check out our Facebook HERE and stop back by tomorrow! There’s a recipe a-brewing this weekend! Have a smugglie, repurposeful day! xo- Court



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7 thoughts on “DIY Mug Snuggie : Sweater Transformation #3

  1. These were all great! I would not have thought of the scarf or the smuggie, even though I have seen both of those things and knitted a cowl scarf before! I actually think I have a few old, too small sweaters that I am going to try this with. Love it!

  2. I just knew you were going to make those sleeves into boot leggings! I was wrong :-0 The smuggles are cute and would make great gifts!

    • Hahaha!!! I gotta be honest, boot leggings were the first thing I thought of too! But I have been burning my hands on hot coffee cups the past few weeks at work, which is what made me brainstorm 🙂 I bet YOU could do some awesome stitching on one and personalize it! You’re such a good quilter 🙂

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