DIY Scarf : Sweater Transformation #1

Ready to learn how to make a fun Sweater Repurpose today?? Yesterday I posted a quick “teaser” that you can read HERE.

Refresher: I have this sweater (see below) that I had a hate/love relationship with and decided to gut it and makes 3 cool, easy DIY projects out of.

Transformation #1 : a DIY Scarf

Scarf Sweater Transformation

At the risk of sounding like the laziest person on earth, this was the easiest project I have EVER done. I literally just cut off the cowl neck. That’s all.

I would love to be able to supply a step-by-step tutorial on this, but I really can’t. I literally just cut it off. Honest.

Scarf Sweater Transformation

Maybe you can see in the above picture, on the side closest to my face… I cut the cowl off to include the seam. Meaning: I didn’t have to hem any raw edges on this scarf. If you are not able to, no worries. Cut that bad boy off your sweater and test a small part of the material. Will it unravel if you just leave a raw seam? If so, fold over the raw edge twice, pin it and sew it (the double fold encloses the raw edge and keeps it from unraveling). Can you mess with the edge and it doesn’t seem to fray or unravel? SWEEEEEEET! You are DONE!Β Scarf Sweater TransformationI love this little scarf. It’s thin and fuzzy and warm and cute. The color is so fun, the buttons keep it interesting and BEST of all? It was free and gave 2nd life to a sweater that would have just ended up at Goodwill! ❀ I love repurposing things.

Scarf Sweater TransformationHere’s another glimpse of what we started with…

IMG_1242What do you guys think? Ever tried to make clothing out of a different piece of clothing?? I’ve had some successes and some failures – but I am loving this project so far πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear and see your projects as well! Make sure to leave a comment below, check us out at Facebook HERE and be sure to check in tomorrow for Sweater Transformation #2! And just because I am a major nerd and accidentally set my camera to continuous mode while taking pictures, enjoy a few blooper photos πŸ˜‰

Scarf Sweater Transformation

“Everyone get to the choppa!!!” – my best Arnold impression


Mother of God….

Peace out, friends! And have a wonderful, repurposeful day!Β xo- Court

Scarf Sweater Transformation


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