Before : Sweater Transformation

So… I had this sweater.

It was size medium, but it was basically size “freakishly small”. I loved the color and all the quirky things on it… buttons, a cowl neck, gathered sides. But it wasn’t cuttin’ it as a sweater. It needed new LIFE!

So I decided to hack it and turn it into 3 easy redo, repurpose projects! Check in everyday for the next 3 days to see how this sweater transformed!



The Sweater… in all of its “too tight” glory.


Dat Sleeve


THIS is why we can’t have nice things.


Alan. What a jerk.


ALRIGHT!!!! Got it in your noggin? Can’t wait to see the fun things you can make out of an old sweater?? Check in tomorrow to see Sweater Transformation #1!! YAY!!!! xo- Court

3 thoughts on “Before : Sweater Transformation

  1. Lol at your cat… they’re all the same, aren’t they? As soon as there’s something you don’t want them to sit on, they MUST sit on it. Bonus points if they can disrupt a photo.

    • OMG… Riiiiight?! I love the little jerks, but they are the worst. They hate to have their pictures taken (they act like I am throwing lava on them) until I am trying to get a picture without them! I’m glad I’m not the only person with this issue! Ha! 🙂

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