Make your own Litter Box Holder!

Little Box Holder

I feel like a good 50% of my life is spent sweeping up litter. I love our 2 cats, I really do… but the litter is becoming a problem. Seriously… I mean, LOOK at this stuff!

Little Box Holder

Hardwood floors are glorious, but crunchy litter on hardwood floors is torture. Ben and I decided that we needed to do something quick – and this craft project was born!

We needed a litter box holder that the cats could essentially “wipe” their paws on before they landed on the hardwood floors. Carpet seemed to do a bang-up job of absorbing litter at our apartment (really, it’s gross to think of how much litter we left behind… *shutter*) so we decided to make a simple wooden frame with carpet on the inside.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how we made our Litter Box Holder. But first, let’s meet the CULPRITS!

Little Box Holder

Wolverine is our black, 3-legged little man, who loves to eat and cuddle. And eat. A lot. He had kitty cancer which took a back leg, but is a happy cat and more like a dog than a cat… which is why I love him so much. He’s been Ben’s kitten for over 6 years and mine for 2!

Alan is our little lion. Orange and brave and loud. He says his name all the time and when we ignore him, he says “hello” over and over. Especially when we close the bathroom door. “Hello? Hello? He-hello?? Hellooo?” Not kidding. We have had him about 4 months and I can’t imagine life without him.

Man… thank goodness they are cute. OK- here we go!! 🙂

Wood – we used extra boards from our privacy fence – 1×4 boards
Foam-core poster board or wood for backing
Screws and Screwdriver
Optional – Saw, Sander, Clamps

Little Box Holder

Aptly named, huh? Our Restroom sign foam-core board was one that Ben nabbed somewhere and I REFUSED to let him throw it away… it was big and sturdy and I knew we’d find a good use out of it! And we sure did! To make our wooden border, we used a handful of leftover privacy fence boards that were taking up space in our garage.


Little Box Holder

OK – I would like to say I was the one that was measuring and cutting the boards, but I just wasn’t. Ben took the bull by the horns and whipped out our saws, clamps and screwdrivers. He went to work measuring and cutting as I took pictures of the process. We knew that the foam-core was the perfect size for our Litter Box Holder, so Ben just measured the foam-core and went to work cutting and building the frame to fit the same size.

Little Box Holder

Oh dear Lord alive… this is what happens when 2 Theater majors try to do math. Here are some of our rough calculations… when I say rough, I mean rough.

Little Box Holder


Little Box Holder

Ben cut 2 boards at around 2 feet and 2 around 3 1/2 feet (both measurements are approximate). He used clamps that ensure a 90 degree angle and once they were aligned, screwed the 2 boards together with wood screws.

Little Box Holder

He proceeded to do this on each end, until we came up with a perfectly “plumbed” rectangle!

Little Box Holder

Lovely. The next step is to attach your backing board to your frame. We used foam-core, but if you wanted something a little more secure (or if you have kittens that aren’t 100% potty trained) you can use a piece of plywood or particle board.

Little Box Holder

We stapled our foam-core directly onto the bottom of the frame and hammered in each staple.

Little Box Holder

The next step was my favorite – for obvious reasons. We bought the smallest amount of carpet we could get off the bolt at Lowes – 12 foot by 1 foot – and then cut it into sections that would fit in the box. Always cut the back of carpet, so you aren’t cutting off the length from surrounding fibers.

Once the carpet was the right size, we applied adhesive to the foam core, making sure to put a good amount in all the corners and seams, and then I got to scootch around on the carpet like a barefoot 30-year-old figure skater!! Really dig your toesies in there and make sure the adhesive and carpet are joined up. And strike a few poses. You know you want to!

Little Box Holder

Et VOILA!!! The Litter Box Holder is done! Pretty easy, right? It’s basically a 3 step process – frame, backing, carpet. It was so easy, we ended up making TWO boxes, this one for the downstairs litter box and another one (pictured below) for the upstairs box.

The cats had to inspect…

Little Box HolderLittle Box Holder

Overall, they seem to approve! They have been using the boxes since Sunday and, hand-to-God, I have not had to sweep around the litter boxes ONCE. That’s a miracle, folks.

If you have cats, would you consider making something like this? I cannot recommend it enough, especially if your box is on a hard surface.

I would love to hear from you- weigh in and let me know! Make sure you follow and like us on Facebook – and have a litter-free, repurposeful day! xo – Court

Little Box HolderLittle Box Holder

6 thoughts on “Make your own Litter Box Holder!

    • Hi Becky! I ended up using a dustbuster to clean the carpet in the holder, but you could also use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum! The size was great for what we needed, but recently we moved to a condo with wall-to-wall carpeting and haven’t noticed a lot of litter on the floor, so we tossed the boxes. When we wood floors, ANY litter on the ground was awful, but now they seem to be tidier 🙂 Let me know if you make one and how it turns out! And tell your cats “hi” 🙂

  1. I have too boxes one in the library on carpet and liter gets out on the carpet my husband hates and the other across the house in the kids bathroom on ceramic tile and my son won’t use that bathroom because of the litter on the floor and being a teenage boy won’t sweep it up either so this sounds great for both areas allowing a quick clean of just the box and keeping the litter contained to the the litter box box and save my carpets when princess decides she wants to use the carpet right outside the box it will be the litter box holder not the big wall to wall carpeting. Princess her real name is Evageline but she is spoiled rotten, has allergy issues and we use poultry feed ground up for her litter off there is no dust from the clay litters and is good for the environment but if it is not scooped every time she uses she will not go in, yes spoiled but I would not want to walk on my shit and pee either to I can not blame her. She actually prefers to go outside and dig a hole and bury it but the fleas right now are so horrible this year and she is allergic to the flea medications that I do not let her out to do her business or lie in the the sun she will just have to wait till fall after the first cold snap to kill the fleas. But I love the idea and am going to add it to my project list.

  2. I bought a cordless stick (vacuum cleaner) and it does a perfect job in seconds. I just vacuum the litter scattered around the box.

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