Moving and Concerts and Birthdays! Oh my…

It’s been a busy week or two here at repurposeful!! I had an awesome birthday, Ben and my dad got to go to an Aerosmith concert AND we moved into a HOUSE!!! YAY!!

Birthday Starbucks! (FREE!)


I had a great birthday, getting spoiled by my husband and family! Our parents all pitched in and got my an AMAZING DSLR Digital Camera that I have been lusting over for MONTHS. Seriously… All the pictures on here are from my iPhone and I know the quality is crap. But NOW I can take beautiful crisp and clear pictures for the blog! Just need to learn how to use it…

I also got 2 books by my favorite bloggers, “A Beautiful Mess” – I love them! And some gifts from co-workers and siblings- Life is good and I’m awfully lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

With some of my loot!

Some of my birthday loot! Ben got me A Beautiful Mess’s books! YAY!!

Ben and my Dad had summer birthdays and for their gifts, my mom bought them tickets to see Aerosmith!! Lucky!!!

They had a great time and took bunches of awesome pictures! Here are just a few — while they were rockin’ out, I took Mom on her maiden voyage to IKEA – it’s ALMOST as fun as a concert ๐Ÿ™‚


Nah nah, Nah nah, DUDE looks like a LADY!


Dad and Ben rockin’ out!

This past weekend, we moved from our little 2 bedroom apartment to an AWESOME 3 bedroom house with a yard! Best part? It has an extra living room, which I totally dibbed as my craft room!

It was a long weekend for Ben and I, but I don’t know what we would have done without my family to help… My parents, my brother Drew and his fiance, Jessi, all came and spent the day carrying all of our stuff down 2 loooong flights of steps and shuttling it across Atlanta to our house.

We didn’t take many pictures the day of, but here are some pictures of the “moving crew” a few weeks earlier, celebrating Drew’s college graduation!

Imagine moving day...

My lovely family… imagining moving us.

Prepare yourself...

Selfie! Clockwise from top left: Ben (my hubby), Tom (my dad), Dori (my mom), Drew (my brother), Jessi (his fiance) and me!

Our Movers

Our moving team – Minus Ben

Today's the DAY! Moving!

Today’s the DAY!! MOOOOVING DAAAAY!!!!

Moving... boxes... ugh.

Moving… Boxes…. uuuuuuugh.

Is there anything more depressing yet exciting than a house FULL of boxes, in total chaos? I kind of love to hate it.

The cats

The cats did not help at all. Jerks.

Fun fact – Our new cat, Dr. Steven A. Catt, AKA Alan (the orange one) does NOT like moving. We took the animals over on our last trip and he pooped and peed all over himself, his box and eventually Ben’s Jeep. Alan got the honor of being the first thing to get a bath at our house. Jerk.

Ella is a tired dog

Ella is all tuckered out from whining, farting and not helping all day.

Tiiiired of moving

Moving sucks.

Thanks for checking in, pals! I am soooo excited for several plans we have in the works here, products I will be using, pieces of furniture I have rescued and bright futures ahead!

Until next time, have a repurposeful day! xo- Court

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2 thoughts on “Moving and Concerts and Birthdays! Oh my…

  1. I just love seeing all your posts! Can’t wait to see all the new exciting thing’s you’ll be doing to the new home! Congrats, by the way and happy belated birthday โ™กโ™กโ™ก!!! So excited for you young love birds! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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