Courtney and Ben’s Day at the Dump!

IMG_6238 a

Ah yes… what an alluring title.

This past weekend was an interesting one— Ben and I decided that we REALLY need a hitch for our Jeep, so we can get a trailer to haul furniture around (and maybe boats? please?). His Jeep requires a special sort of hitch and since we are 100% against paying full price for anything, we decided to go to a “Pull-a-Part” car dump and see if a wrecked or abandoned car had what we needed. It was a balmy 92 degrees with 95% humidity. The perfect day for it. :/


They aren’t messing around. This is an art.


I don’t know if you have ever been to one of these places, but it’s like a sad, sad car graveyard… This is all I could think of for the first half-hour…

brave little toaster

Rest in Peace, little buddies!!! *weeping*

Anyway, we found the Jeep section and proceeded to find BILLIONS (slight exaggeration) of hitches – none of which were the right one.

My job was to hunt around, scoping out all the hitches and figuring out which ones MAY fit on the Jeep.


My job was ALSO to find chairs that needed a good “sit for a bit”

Then Ben’s job was to either measure or remove the hitch to see if it would work. His job was only slightly harder than mine.


So rugged and handsome. ❤

We did this for about 4 hours and went to 3 (yes, THREE) different car burial grounds.

I know the suspense is killing you, so I am just going to tell you the ending of the story: We did not find the right hitch.

IMG_6250 a

“Ehh, Herro? Hitch???”

Ben did an awesome job and I was really impressed by his “know-how” – but there was simply no hitch to be found.


“Will this one work? No? Awesome.”

Now, call me a girly-girl or an optimist, but I found SO many treasures on the ground there! Pieces of glass that were pretty, bolts as big as your face, little critters and THESE:

IMG_6246 a

(removes sunglasses) “Mother. Of. God…”

I immediately started trying to shove these sparkly rocks into my pockets, faster than a Gollum- and had to restrain myself and remind Ben I am a fiend for the glitz. I was always shoving rocks in my pockets, in my bookbag, in my drawers. This is straight up gravel. But I still wanted to horde it and take all the sparkles home.

IMG_6248 a

This picture looks like I killed Ben with the rock! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

In the end, we were drenched in sweat, thirsty and a little disgruntled. Especially after doing this at THREE different places. But we had a good time and laughed a lot. Plus, I’ll just say it was detox day and pretend like we were at a sauna.

IMG_6221 aa

Ant-Man wannabe’s

We also decided to audition to be in the new Ant-Man movie that is going to be filming here in Atlanta. We went to an Open Casting Call and did all that jazz. It would be a fun project, filling in as an extra for a day or two! Ben will get in, I’m sure. He’s already been in 3 movies… it’s that beard, I tell ya!

I promise to be back to crafting in no time — we are in the process of packing and I am SO excited that we have a house to rent – AND that it has an awesome space for a work room. Crafts, you’d better watch your back… we’re coming…

Now, to close, I will tell my joke that I saved until the END of the day finding a hitch.

Ben: Oh God, you have a joke? Ehh, ok, what is it?

Courtney: *clearing throat* We’ve got 99 problems, but a hitch ain’t one!


Have a wonderful and repurposeful day, friendsies!!! xo – Court

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