Blinged out Cell Phone Case – DIY Tutorial

Hi friends! Lots of “goings ons” around here!

Ben and I just got back from Kansas, where we had a great little wedding reception in his parents backyard and got to see about 80 of our friends and family! It was such a fantastic day- full of food, HEAT, and lots of babies crawling around! We are so lucky to have so many people who love us!!!!! ❤

We are also planning on moving out of our homey (small) apartment and are trying to find a house in Atlanta. So… that’s fun. It will be awesome to actually have a space to do crafts, redo furniture and just have space to stretch out and enjoy what we have! Almost all of my crafting supplies are still in boxes at my parents house (thanks Mom and Dad, for being our personal storage unit for just a little longer!!!!). I can’t wait. I’m all itchy with excitement—- Good things are on the horizon for us and for Repurposeful!

One more thing! I will be having a GUEST CONTRIBUTOR next week!!!! YAY!!! They have an AWESOME, fun and easy camping repurpose that I think you’ll dig!! So make sure to swing back by!

OK- enough chit chat…. on to my most recent little project…

 My DIY hand-bedazzled cellphone case! 

photo 3 a

I had been using a big ‘ole clunky cell phone case for over a year and decided that I wanted something a little more girly and feminine. So I went through all my craft supplies (that aren’t packed away :/ )  and decided to bedazzle one of Ben’s old, scratched up cell phone cases with (fake) rhinestones and E6000. It’s cute and custom- and I only spend about $3 on it!

I won’t do a detailed step-by-step tutorial, because this is fairly self-explanatory- but here are the basic steps you want to follow:

1. Find a cell phone cover that gives you a flat, hard surface.

2. Spread a thin layer of E600 on your case. Start with somewhere around a quarter size at a time.

3. Firmly press down rhinestones in whatever pattern you want. At first I thought I wanted an actual pattern, but when I was playing around with the rhinestones, I realized I just liked the messy “random” look.

4. Let all the glue dry before you pop your phone in. Enjoy!!!

IMG_5534 a aaa

All the supplies! I got the rhinestones at Michaels with a 50% off coupon- Swish!

IMG_5535 a

Slow and steady, it is starting to become FABULOUS!!!

IMG_5536 a

Buh- BLIIIIING!!! Done!

IMG_5537 a

I love it! Shiny, sparkly, girly and hard as nails!

photo 1 a

Taking a selfie is hard. Taking a selfie of your phone is even harder!

photo 3 a

LOVE it!

It really couldn’t be easier – It took a little time, but it was the perfect thing to do as we were watching the new Robocop movie 🙂

LITTLE CONFESSION — I actually did this DIY about a month ago, but decided to wait to post until I was SURE that the rhinestones would stay put. Even a cheap project sucks if it ends up falling apart. It’s been a month and I’m happy to say they are all still perfectly attached and I can’t find a single gem that’s even loose!!! YAY!!! #CRAFTWIN!!!

How about YOU?! Have you been itching to make turn something dull into something super fun?? Let me know in the comments below! And have a repurposeful weekend! xo- Court

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One thought on “Blinged out Cell Phone Case – DIY Tutorial

  1. Gorgeous! And I can vouch for its strength. I’ve seen that phone hit the floor without a single jewel popping off 🙂

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