DIY: High Gloss Coffee Table Repurpose

Hi friends!!! I’ve been MIA for a bit, with wedding projects and then wedding recoup- but I’m back with a easy DIY that will give your furniture a 2nd life!

Introducing my 4 step Coffee Table Repurpose!! 

IMG_5517 a

Can we just take a moment to gaze upon my trash-to-treasure coffee table? Hmm? That is a ROUGH looking table…

IMG_5491 a

I think my hubby found this in the trash and GOD LOVE HIM, he can see potential in basically anything. This table had good bones – it was a solid piece of furniture, level and strong. It also had all of it’s spindles and legs (which is saying something). But that’s about all it had going for it.

Someone had used it for painting (glitter and blue nail polish, I believe) and someone had dragged it out of their house on it’s end (see the side where it’s, umm, white? Yeah… that’s all damage). But we didn’t care. We plopped it right in front of our sofa, wiped it down with some Clorox and used it for over a month.

IMG_5493 a

But we finally had to admit, good bones or no, this table needed some love.

I also got a chance to walk around Ikea lately, which always gets my lusty “god, I want errrrrything” juices flowing. I especially love the little pops of color in furniture- especially red. I decided that this table could definitely go bright, plastic-y red… and I couldn’t WAIT to take it there. Like, literally, I ran to Lowes and bought paint the next day.

photo 5 a

These are the paints that I decided to use for this project:

  • Valspar High Gloss Enamel in Gloss Red. I wanted it SHINY. As shiny as possible. High Gloss Enamel is the way to go, but you have to make sure you Polyurethane that shiz, or it stays sticky until the end of the world (right Mom?! 🙂 )
  • Primer. I used Olympic One, but just because it was cheap.
  • Polyurethane. Because I have animals and didn’t want my forever sticky high gloss paint to make this a furry table within 2 months. 

IMG_5494 a

1) Your first step is to sand your furniture.

This seems like an easy/acceptable step to skip, but TRUST me, if you are doing a high gloss finish, you want as smooth of a surface as possible. I sanded it down with medium grit sandpaper to get rid of BIG issues and then went over with with fine grit, just to smooth it out. Then I grabbed my already-needing-a-wash kitchen hand towel, dunked it in some water and wiped it all down.

Easy peasy.

IMG_5495 a

2) Step number two is a base coat.

If you are anything like me, when you read step 1 and 2 you think “Hah! Sure… I’ll just move onto step number…” and then you have a crap piece of furniture. Trust me.

Have you ever seen someone with dark brown or black hair decide to go RED and they buy a box of dye and as they are sitting their 30 minutes to let it soak in, are imagining what life will be like getting mistaken for Emma Stone’s sister… and then they wash it out and it’s like, BURGUNDY? It’s not red, it’s not brown, it’s just… purple-ish? Yeah. That will happen to your furniture if you decide to paint some color on top of brown. It will NOT be bright, vibrant red. It will be dark burgundy.

But fear not, this is a quick and relatively cheap step! I don’t give 2 craps if my base coat is pure white, so whenever I buy primer, I start in the “Oops” section. This 2-in-1 paint and primer was only $3 and just slightly tinted a grayish tan. Whatever. It’s getting covered anyway! Plus, the 2-in-1 really covers. I love it.

IMG_5497 a

(Take a look at this TINY porch… UGH. I want Santa to bring me a Garage and back yard)

IMG_5498 a

These pictures are after 1 coat of base- I ended up doing 2, just so the brown was EXTRA covered. I actually almost stopped after the 2nd coat— I kinda liked it white. But I had a $12 can of bright red paint that just HAD to be used 🙂

IMG_5508 a

3) Step number 3 is to paint your furniture

I had never worked with High Gloss Enamel, and that stuff shows every brush mark (see above), so I would suggest using a good quality brush for this step. I didn’t. Mine was $2, and it worked too. But it just depends on how “perfect” you want your shine to be.

I did 2 coats of my red paint- giving it enough time to dry between coats. When it was all dry, I took my fine grit sandpaper and lightly worked on any ridges that were visible. Again, I wanted it to almost look plastic when I was done, so smooth was good 🙂

4) Your last step is to Polyurethane that bad boy!

I don’t have pictures, because you can’t tell the difference, but Polyurethane is SO important for this- High Gloss Enamel stays a little tacky and you have to seal it to give it a good finish. I chose Clear Gloss, just to give it extra “umph”

IMG_5517 a

And you are done! I think it turned out awesome!!!

IMG_5518 a

It’s shiny and glossy and reflective and looks just how I wanted it!

IMG_5519 a

What about you guys? Have any pieces of furniture around your house that could use a bright POP of color? Let me know and have an awesomely repurposeful day! xo- court

IMG_5520 a

None of the products in this post are endorsements- these are purely my opinion. 

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