Easy Abstract Canvas Art DIY!

Big changes are happening in the Slater-Thomas house… I gave my 2-weeks notice at work last week and have been spending every evening packing up our 2 houses to make the PERMANENT move to Georgia!! In less than a WEEK!!!! I can’t wait!!!! Not only do I miss my fiance, Ben, like crrrrrazy, but I am so excited to be a few hours away from my amazing parents and my hilarious younger brother!

Also in the works, I need to start planning my WEDDING! Right after we got engaged, Ben got his job in Atlanta and our lives have basically been on hold. I’m excited to start dreaming and scheming… that’s one of the best parts for us girls, right?! I have tons of things already in the works (like my *repurposed* dress, colors, ideas for bouquets and more) and I can’t wait to plan and share more with you!!!

Anywhoo, onto the craft!!!

I had a few blank canvases sitting around my house and decided to make something a little funky and different. I don’t usually do abstract art, but I knew that, with a mixture of jewel tones (MY FAVORITE COLORS) and straight lines, I’d love it!

photo 4 a


– Canvas

– Paint

– Painters Tape

– Paint brush

(pretty simple, huh?!)

photo 1 a

I had THICK painters tape, but laziness breeds creativity, so I cut thin strips from my thick tape. Voila! Variety! Oooh, Ahhh! I just slapped those strips down, trying to keep it “clean” looking while still being “abstract”…

photo 2 a

Once all the tape was in place, it was time to pick some of my FAVORITE colors and go to town! I love rich jewel tones, and I wanted this to be eye-catching, so I stuck with Dark Purple, Cobalt Blue, Emerald Green and Gold. I kept some spaces solid, but I also played around with variegated colors… melting the blue into the green and so on. Once you have all the spaces painted, just step away! Let it dry for a few hours so the paint sets.

photo 3 a

I pulled off all the tape and used a little white paint to touch up any areas where the paint bled under the tape. It only happened in a few small areas, where I had watered down the paint quite a bit.

I also decided that I wouldn’t be framing this piece right away (if ever) so I painted the edges of the canvas black, to give it a bit more of a polished, finished look.

photo 5 a

And you’re done! I like how it turned out! Kinda funky, kinda different, lots of color and totally unique!

What do YOU think? Have some canvas, paint, tape and a little bit of time to be abstract? 😉 I’d love to see your pictures and projects!

photo 4 a

Have a great weekend and a repurposeful day ❤


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One thought on “Easy Abstract Canvas Art DIY!

  1. What are your wedding colors???? DO tell! 😉 I think this would be cool with 3 shades of the same color…kind of an ombre effect?

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