Baby Picture Frame DIY!

Baby Frame

Hello Friends!

I went to a baby shower on Saturday and I knew exactly what I wanted to make for our friends, Fred and Megan, who are expecting their first baby, a little girl. ❤

I’ve made this project many times:

1) because it’s cheap (like, $2.00 total)

2) because it’s easy (it took me about a half hour to do, from start to finish)

3) because it’s ADORABLE! Seriously?! Seriously.

Baby Picture Frame DIY 

You will need:

– An unfinished wooden frame

– 1 piece of Scrapbook Paper

– Glue dots, E6000 glue or hot glue gun (I prefer glue dots for this project but used E6000 this time)

– Toilet Paper (yes, you read that right!)

– Ribbon (about 1 foot, 2 feet if you would like a bow)

– Painters or Scotch tape

– Needle and thread (optional)

Let’s get ready to RUUUUUMBLE!!! 


Baby Frame

This project can use any type of little frame, but I like the $1 frames at Michaels. They come in several shapes and I love the square one… you get more visibility of your paper and it looks cute and modern! Start out by removing all the packaging and taking out the paper “picture”… BUT HOLD ONTO IT! Don’t throw it away- we’ll need it!

Baby Frame

Baby girl? Pink Paper!

This paper was $.59 at Michaels and you’ll use most of the sheet. I like to give myself a little “room for error”, so I crinkle the paper intentionally before I attach it to the frame. It gives the frame a little depth and covers up a multitude of errors!

Baby Frame

This isn’t the worlds greatest picture, but in the next step, you will want to turn the paper over, face down, and lay the frame upside down on top of the paper. Position the frame so about an inch of paper is showing on all 4 sides and trace the outside and inside of the frame.

Baby Frame

Remove the frame and you’ll have 2 squares on your page. Leave about an inch of paper all the way around the outside square and cut off the excess. For the inside square, cut a small hole in the center, so you can fit your scissors inside the paper, and then cut diagonal strips from the center of the paper to the traced smaller square (refer to the picture for help).

This is probably the most complicated step. You are making slits to ensure the paper will fold around the sides and get to the back of the frame, leaving the shape of the frame, but not exposing a ton of the wood. If you are unsure about your cutting, try placing the frame on top of the outline you first drew, and keep trying to fold the paper back and see if you have cut enough.

Baby Frame

Once you have made the inside slices and feel pretty good that the paper will totally wrap around the front and sides of the frame, apply glue to the back side of the paper and front side of the frame.

I have done this project several time and have ALWAYS used glue dots. I prefer them- they are instant and have ZERO mess. But I didn’t have any on-hand, so I used E6000. It held great, but is a little stinky and takes about 5 minutes to get tacky and hold the paper.

Baby Frame

After you have applied the glue, you are ready to foooooold the paper around the frame!

Lay the frame along the lines you traced at the very beginning and start folding up sides. I did the top and bottom first, folding the corners down tight and then attaching a small strip of Painters tape on the edge to hold it in place. Painters tape won’t rip the paper and is a great temporary tape- but Scotch tape will also work in a pinch.

Once the top and bottom are secured, I folded the side corners and secured both sides with Painters tape.

Unfortunately, you can’t really see what I did on the inside of the frame— I folded the 4 sides in and trimmed the excess paper. Since I wasn’t really able to put Painters tape on the inside ledge of the frame, I let the frame do what it was MADE to do and I shoved the insert back into it, to hold the paper in place. Worked like a charm 😉

Baby Frame

And VOILA! The frame is covered and ready to start drying!

You may have a little loose paper around the edges of the inside frame like I did (top corners). I waited until the glue was completely dry and then took the insert out, and tacked down the corners with a little more glue. It gapped a bit at first, but with the 2nd dose of glue, it held great!

You could stop at this step if you wanted to- or add any sorts of embellishments your little heart desired! But to make MY Baby Picture Frame, you’ll need to head to the bathroom for the next step!!!!

Baby Frame


Grab some of your favorite TP and do not be embarrassed, even for a SECOND, to be crafting with one of nature’s least lucky inventions!

Baby Frame

First step is to pull off about 2-3 feet of Toilet Paper. More is better than less 🙂

If you hold the toilet paper up to your frame, you’ll notice that it is quite a bit wider than the frame is, so I decided to trim it down a bit, before I started making ruffles. You’ll trim it down more, so this is not exact, just to help you make the TP more manageable.  I laid it out and doubled it up so I needed to cut less.

Baby Frame

You are alllllllmost done! Start making pleats or ruffles with the Toilet Paper. Just take about a half-inch of toilet paper, fold a bit underneath and extend the next ruffle about a half-inch, fold a bit under and continue.

NOW- there are 2 options I have done to secure the ruffles.

1) Grab a needle and thread (any color), knot one end and do a loose running stitch through your ruffles. I usually position the stitches about an inch from the top edge. You won’t be gathering it (although you could, if you didn’t want to fold ruffles)— the stitch is simply to hold the ruffles in place until you get the toilet paper on the frame.


2)  Take a few little strips of tape, cut them in half, so they are long and narrow, and as you are folding, tape the ruffles on the BACK side, about an inch from the top edge. Keep taping across the length of the ruffles.

Baby Frame

And there you go! A pretty little stretch of home-made, Toilet Paper ruffles. For FREE!!!

I used the “taping” method to secure the ruffles this time and it worked just as well as the stitching does.

Now you are ready to SLAP it on your frame!!!

Baby Frame

(Ignore the upside-down picture in the frame- It’s just holding down the edges 🙂 I promise I’m not drunk )

Place a few glue dots, double-sided tape or a VERY small amount of glue to the back of the ruffles, along the line where you stitched or taped. Secure it to the front, bottom of the frame, tucking the excess behind the frame.

Your T.P. ruffles will probably still be a little longer than your frame, but don’t worry! We can trim that down in no time!  Make sure your ruffles are where you want them to be and aren’t slipping around and then slowly cut the ruffle to the desired length. I made mine flush with the bottom, but I have also left overhang for frames I wanted to hang on the wall. Your call!

Baby Frame

Grab about a foot of ribbon that you like, that coordinates with your paper- I chose a brown grosgrain with pink stitching that always makes me think of little girls. 🙂

Apply a small amount of glue or glue dots to the ribbon and attach it over the stitching/taping line. If you stitched, this should cover up your stitching. If you taped, then this will just look pretty 🙂

Fold the excess around the back (as pictured) and glue in place.

Baby Frame

Last optional step— I like me some BOWS!! To add an “AWWWWWW” factor, tie up a simple little bow and secure it with a few stitches or a little glue. Attach it to the ribbon already on your frame.

Baby Frame

And YOU. ARE. DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adorable, right?! Since the baby isn’t here yet, I just used the back of the insert and wrote a little saying on it, so it wasn’t a gaping hole! (see, I told you to not throw it away! Those things come in HANDY!)

The final step that is NOT pictured is very simple. I let the frame dry for about 24 hours on a flat, covered surface (since I used E6000). Once it was totally dry, I removed all the Painters Tape and cleaned up the back a bit. If the paper, toilet paper or ribbon are a little “swaying in the breeze” at the back, you can either glue them down more or simply get some scotch or moving (clear) tape and cover all the back edges of paper, toilet paper and ribbon. It adds an extra layer of “hold” and isn’t distracting if someone looks at the back.

Baby Frame

So, whatta ya think?

Do you have a baby shower, wedding or little kid’s party coming up and want to try out a cheap, easy, totally DIY project? This might be it!

I’d love to see what you guys come up with! Send me a comment, message ( or drop me a line!

Remember to put the T.P. back where you found it and have a repurposeful day 🙂

xo- court

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