Bib Necklace DIY- Part 2 of 2: The Necklace!

Part 2 of 2: DIY Pearl and Flower Bib Necklace


Welcome back, friends! Yesterday we learned how to make ADORABLE fabric flowers with just a few scraps of fabric, needle and thread and a candle! If you haven’t seen it, click on the image below to view that tutorial— it will come in handy for this project!

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Click on the image to view “Bib Necklace DIY Part 1- Fabric Flowers” Tutorial

Today, we are going to put those flowers to good use and make a beautiful, bling-tastic bib necklace with just a few supplies!

You will need:

– 1 8×10 sheet of stiff felt (available at all craft stores)

– 3 fabric flowers

– fake pearls and rhinestones

– adhesive (I used E6000, but a hot glue gun would also work)

– scissors, needle and thread

– a scrap of lace

– chain, 2 silver loops and a necklace clasp OR a ribbon

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Start out with your stiff felt (I used white) and trace out a rough shape of your bib. Cut it out, hold it up to yourself and make sure it’s the size and shape you are wanting. If it is, great! If not, keep adjusting it until it’s just right!

I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going with this necklace, so I covered the felt with an overlay of lace, just in case there were areas where the felt would be showing… I wanted it to still look pretty. Lay the lace over the felt, with a good amount of overhang, turn the edges under and whipstitch the lace into place. The stitches will be covered, but this is just to hold it in place while you are working. PS- The lace was from an OLD, ugly curtain I bought at Goodwill for $.99~ Thankyouverymuch!

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Now you are going to secure down your fabric flowers. There’s not a science to this, just move them around until they look good to you! I always prefer a little asymmetry to my jewelry, so I positioned my biggest flower at the very top of the left side, put one at the bottom curve and then placed a smaller flower close to the top of the right side.

To get them to stay in place, I put a dab of adhesive on the back of each flower, stuck them down and let them dry for a bit. And then I went back and stitched them in place with a few stitches. I also went around to a few petals and secured them with a stitch or two, just so I could dictate the shape of the “empty space” a little better. The flower petals move quite a bit, so you might find you need to do this as well. But you can always do it as you go.

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

At this point, you are ready to start “blinging”!!! I grabbed a few rhinestones from my craft drawer, plopped some adhesive on the back and scattered them in the “empty space”.  I always start with the biggest elements of a piece (the flowers) and then work down to the smallest (the pearls) so I make sure I get everything I want in there. I didn’t worry too much about spacing the rhinestones, I just kind of scattered them.

After the rhinestones, you are ready to start filling up the remaining “empty space” with pearls! You are almost done!!

The pearl step takes a little time… You can choose to buy “pearls” that are flat on the back, and glue them down (which might be quicker) but the pearls I had on hand were ones that needed to be sewn down.  I put on Lord of the Rings and got right to it… it’s easy, mindless work and although it takes time, I reminded myself that handmade is always best- it just has a “OMG, this was HANDMADE!” feel to it 🙂

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Keep stitching your pearls around all sides of the rhinestones and underneath some of the petals. This might be the point that you think “dear lord, I’m going to stitch down some more petals so I don’t have to do as many pearls”… GO FOR IT! That’s what I did!

Once you have finished filling up ALL the empty spaces with flower, rhinestone or pearls, you only have 2 more steps left! I didn’t take pictures of either step (whoops) but they are easy:

– Figure out how you are going to tie it around your neck. I used some chain, but you can also secure a ribbon to each end, a thin scarf or other ideas I haven’t thought of! To do the chain, simply cut an equal amount of chain to stretch from the ends to the back of your neck, secure it to the ends of your bib (either stitch it directly to your bib or use a silver loop, o-ring to attach it) and then add a necklace closure to each end of chain. DONE!

– Add another layer of felt backing to the necklace. This step is optional, but I might sell this necklace or give it as a gift, and I wanted the back to look as polished as the front. Just trace the outline of the necklace onto your remaining stiff felt (you should have PLENTY left), cut out the back and glue it in place. I put a heavy book on top of the necklace, just to make sure the adhesive stuck it down securely.


And that is IT!!! You are done with your very own, uuber personalized Pearl and Rhinestone Bib Necklace! And you probably didn’t spend more than $5.00 on it, total!!! I think I spent about $2, but I also did it at home, in my pajamas and REFUSED to go out and buy any more supplies!

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it, just so you get a good view of it on a human!

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

OOoohhhh, AAAaahhhhh!!!

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

I don’t use this word very often, but I think this necklace is “lovely”… I really do! It won’t go with every outfit, but if you need a statement piece or something to wear to a wedding or a funky, formal event, this would be great!

I hope these 2 tutorials helped you make something fabulous and unique! I would love to see your projects and get your feedback! Please send me pictures or comments!

And as always, have a “lovely” and repurposeful day!

xo- court


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