Bib Necklace DIY – Part 1 of 2: Flower Power!

Part 1 of 2: DIY Fabric Flowers for Bib Necklace! 


The finished product <3!!!!

Hello all!!! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so! It was my first full weekend at home in Indy, with my fiance in Atlanta, so my goal was to STAY BUSY! I made several projects which I will slowly upload on here… don’t want to overload you. 😉 I did MYYY chalkboard for the “Thursday Throwdown” Chalkboard Challenge!! I hope you are working on yours too! If you need more info, send me a message or check out the post:

Lemme just say… I LOVE THIS PROJECT!!! This first DIY is how to make the pretty flowers on this necklace, which you can use for TONS of different projects. And then tomorrow I will post a follow-up on how to use the flowers to make the beautiful, bling-tastic bib necklace pictured above!

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY


This DIY is actually pretty straightforward and easy! I took lots of pictures to help “ease the way” 😉

What you will need:

– various SYNTHETIC fabric- preferably satin, organza or lace- but it’s gotta be synthetic. It has to melt when heat is applied

– needle and thread

– scissors

– a candle

              Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Start off cutting out circles from various fabric. This fabric is actually from a skirt from a dress I had in college… I wore it in 2007, when I competed at a National Singing competition (won 2nd place, by the way— boo-ya!) I kept it for sentimental reasons, but since it is a size 16 and I am a solid size 8, I knew I wasn’t going to be wearing it anytime soon. I did find a pic of me wearing the dress, for your viewing pleasure!!! 🙂


WOW!!! College Courtney! With black hair and all!!! The fellas were my good friends; Ben (right), my accompanist and Jeremy (left) , my “page turner”. 🙂

Anyway, back to the DIY- I cut out 2 circles of each fabric; a shiny satin, an sheer-ish organza and a lace. Don’t worry about getting the circles perfectly circular. Seriously. Cut them out like you’re a drunk-o seamstress…. you’ll be fine.

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Next, slice “petal” sections of the circle (as pictured above). Again, getting it perfect is not the goal. Just get a few nice slices in there.

Side note— has anyone ever eaten “spider baloney” before? It’s basically baloney, with slices like this, and then fried in a skillet? It just looks weirdly like this fabric… but I digress…

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

This next step will have you questioning my judgement, but just go with me… you are going to take your fabric and hold it over an open flame. Not IN the flame, but over it. When heat is applied to the edges and centers of the petals, the fabric will melt a little and wrinkle and gain definition.

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Here is a picture with 2 of the petals done. You might catch a corner on fire. It happens. But I figure that adds character too. Make sure you keep some water or a fire extinguisher handy and BE SMART. Take little pieces at a time.

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Big Butt Ella.

As soon as I lighted a match, my dog, Ella, proceeded to panic, fart, and then run and lay on all of my fabric. Sigh.

Cute, yes. A handy helper, she is not.

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Here are all of the fabric circles, after “heating”! Lace doesn’t really like this treatment… it just kind of… evaporates, when you try to heat it. But work with what you’ve got! Each flower will be wonderfully individual, based off of how much or how little you heat them! Experiment and have fun 🙂

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Stack your flower circles, with the largest on the bottom and roughly working to the smallest, alternating fabric as you see fit.

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

Once they are gathered, turn your flower cluster over and pinch it’s bottom. 😉 Hehehe…

Seriously though, pinch it in half and then pull out your needle and thread and secure ALL of the layers with a few stitches in the center.

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY

This picture is confusing. Don’t let it confuse you though… the next step is simple, just rotate the flower a bit and put in a few stitches going the opposite way, so your flower isn’t just laying flat. Essentially, you want to aim for making stitches like an “x” or a “+”… the stitches might end up looking weird and deformed (see above), but the stitching gets the job done!

Repurposeful- Bib necklace DIY


You have just made a lovely little flower!

To make the Pearl Bib necklace, you’ll need to make a few more, but SEE??? That was so simple, huh?! Good work! And if you used fabric you have laying around, you totally just made free little flowers. I’d love to attach one to a hair clip and force a little girl to wear one…

Have you done something similar? Or are you “jonesing” to try something new? These flowers take about 10 minutes to make and are darned cute- send me a picture if you make some and make sure to tune in tomorrow for Part 2!!!

Thanks guys and have a repurposeful day!


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