Modified Book or “Destructo-book”!!


I don’t know about you, but there is something about 12×12 scrapbooks that just, well, kind of annoy me. I don’t know WHY… they are pretty, convenient, easy to look at… It must just be me. BUT, I still love the idea of scrapbooking (what to do, what to do)… So I decided that I would take pretty, old, books and turn them into scrapbooks! (See, I LOVE repurposing!!!)

Side view

Side view of Destructo-book!

I have made a few of these “Destructo-books” and let me tell you, if you want a scrapbooking project that has an “anything goes” vibe, this is it!!! Have some pictures? Toss ’em in!! A receipt, part of a bag? Scrap of cloth? Napkin, menu? Sure, use ’em! You just need a few basic items, a little creativity and an open mind, and you can make a cute little book in no time!

The first Noelle

The first Noelle

The first step is to find a good, sturdy book, with some personality. Don’t limit yourself by content or even the cover. Anything you DON’T like about the book can be covered or modified- But having a book that has good “bones” is important. I didn’t want to reassemble a whole book and I bet you don’t either. 🙂 Added bonus? Is there a better smell out there than a beautiful, big musty book? I get “little girl giggly” when I find a big ‘ole book that has yellowed pages and smells like the inside of a book store!!!!

Thoughts of Beauty

Thoughts of Beauty

The next step is to figure out what sort of book you are making. The “Destructo-book” in these pictures are from I book I am making for myself. It has random musings, quotes I like, pictures I like… promises to myself that I want to keep and remember. I have also made little books like this for friends and even finished a HUGE one for my fiance, with all the pictures from the first year of dating. *Shwew!*

Oh the places you'll go...

Oh the places you’ll go…

The most BEAUTIFUL thing about a “Destruco-book”??? There is no wrong way of doing anything. I thrive off of doing things free-hand… I like to cut out shapes by hand, color things by hand. There are no stickers and I didn’t use any punches or die-cut machines for any of my projects… BUT- YOU CAN! You can do ANYTHING you want with your little book! Tear pages out, put pages in! Hollow out a big chunk of pages and attach a mirror, a pendant, a lucky penny— you can literally do anything you want with your Destructo-book!!!

"Don't believe" completely by hand

“Don’t believe” completely by hand

What about YOU? What would YOU make your destructo-book about? Leave a comment and share pictures and links to similar projects! I would love to see your beautiful “repurposing”!!!

Have a repurposeful day!

xo- court

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One thought on “Modified Book or “Destructo-book”!!

  1. I love this idea. I might need you to make me one or put together a tutorial so I can make one. But maybe I’ll just pay you. Also, I love everything you’ve done so far and I love the reuse aspect!

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